kcas_website-graphic_dominic-warrino_300x300With qualified methods for measuring up to 30 biomarkers, KCAS is ready when you are!


Biomarkers are not new, nor are there a shortage of labs to provide testing. However, finding a CRO that can produce defendable data is not as easy as it sounds. KCAS Bioanalytical and Biomarker Services is one of the first labs to offer a qualified method for measuring 30 biomarkers in human plasma by Meso Scale Discovery’s (MSD) 30-plex V plex.


The panels we offer allow a la carte customization depending on therapeutic indication and markers of interest.  Available biomarkers cover a wide range of disease types and drug indications and are appropriate for both small molecule and biologic compounds.


KCAS is ready to go when you are. No waiting at the starting blocks. Rapid turnaround time of 2-3 days and the option to choose anywhere from 1 to 30 analytes. On your mark, get set…






Have a need for a custom tailored biomarker panel? Message me using the form below to schedule a quick chat.






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