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At KCAS Bio, we bring the latest technical innovation to bioanalytical and biomarker development, to support our clients’ entire drug development journey. When a project comes to us, we’ve already planned the timing and expertise needed, we’re ready to go.

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The KCAS Bio sites operate in state-of-the-art facilities in the United States and Europe. This business structure enables the expertise, capacity, and flexibility to support the development of all types of drugs, biologics, cell and gene therapies to improve health worldwide. We understand the importance of speed and flexibility in becoming an extension of clients’ laboratories.

We work within modern BSL-2 facilities, where temperature-controlled equipment undergoes 24/7 monitoring. Additionally, we maintain backup instruments specifically designated for analyzing fresh blood samples.

  • Olathe, KS USA

    70,000 ft2 (6,500 m2) facility with the following honors:
    • Audited by FDA 18 times with an exemplary regulatory record
    • Supported 300+ drugs currently on the market
    • 5,000+ assays developed to date

  • Spring House, PA USA

    26,000 ft2 (2,500 m2) facility with the following honors:
    • Supported 50+ drugs currently on the market
    • 100+ proprietary assays developed to date

  • Lyon, France

    10,700 ft2 (1,000 m2) facility with the following experience managing studies:
    • 90+ internal R&D
    • 100+ preclinical R&D
    • 300+ clinical testing

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Our fast, efficient, flexible methodologies and procedures improve productivity and reduce lead times and costs, without impacting quality or compliance. This enables the alignment of drug development research with business priorities. We enhance existing capabilities and facilities with modern technologies, data techniques, and technical innovations.

Rigorous quality practices, uninterrupted continuity

By putting seamless collaboration between Quality Assurance and delivery teams at the center of our service, we ensure data integrity is embedded in our culture.

Our quality commitment

Our Technology

Offering multiple platforms and modalities all under one roof enables a seamless and holistic approach to servicing our sponsors with the breadth and depth needed for their critical projects.


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We've earned our reputation for delivering reliable, error-free data. We understand the importance of speed, flexibility, and consistency and only make promises we can keep.

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