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KCAS has a deep understanding of metabolic and endocrine diseases and the large molecule drugs used to treat them. From discovery through every phase of biologic development, KCAS offers comprehensive bioanalytical support for every stage of your metabolic drug development.

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Rapid growth in metabolic treatments

A metabolite is the intermediate end product of metabolism. The term metabolite is usually restricted to small molecules. Metabolites have various functions, including fuel, structure, signalling, stimulatory and inhibitory effects on enzymes, catalytic activity of their own (usually as a cofactor to an enzyme), defence, and interactions with other organisms (e.g., pigments, odorants, and pheromones). A primary metabolite is directly involved in normal “growth”, development, and reproduction. KCAS has the experience to help with your metabolic project.

Metabolic therapeutics research, by leading scientists

KCAS offers a depth of knowledge in many therapeutic areas and the scientific acumen needed for successful drug programs. Our expertise in these areas of clinical research ensures that we move your molecule forward. As a full development program or a stand-alone service, we apply our expertise in therapeutic areas in clinical research to everything we do. We will help seamlessly transition your molecule through the phases of development in any of our therapeutic specialties, helping you get your drug to market faster.

We employ rigorous quality practices that go beyond our competition. Processes are continuously improved to ensure we consistently deliver a complete outsourcing experience to clients.

KCAS Bio provides high quality science and data services that have benefits for the entire drug development journey.

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We prepare and adapt our metabolic research based on a deep understanding of your drug development ambitions and wider business objectives.

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