Global CRO solutions combining scientific expertise, technical innovation, and the highest standards of regulatory rigor. KCAS Bio brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and understanding to build trusted client relationships from the outset.

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KCAS Bio has extensive knowledge and experience in a number of therapeutic areas. We combine scientific expertise, technical innovation, and the highest standards of quality assurance to deliver bioanalytical and biomarker research to advance your therapeutic solutions.

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KCAS Bio has over 40 years of experience as a CRO, so we understand the importance of speed, flexibility, and consistency in our service delivery. We can adapt our extensive suite of bioanalytical and biomarker services based on your future needs, because we take care to understand your drug development ambitions at the start of every project.

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We bring the latest technical innovation to bioanalytical and biomarker development, to support our clients’ entire drug development journey. Our technology platforms and instrumentation are backed by purpose-built security, IT infrastructure, and monitoring infrastructure to ensure your samples and materials remain protected in our labs.

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At KCAS Bio, 'quality by design' drives every aspect of our work, cultivating excellence and innovation among our scientists, who work as an extension of your laboratory.

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