ELISpot Testing

Whether you want to measure the efficacy of your vaccine or the safety of your drug or cell and gene therapy, KCAS Bio has expertise in offering ELISpot support to assess immune cell functionalities.

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What is the ELISpot platform?

ELISpot is an immunoassay-based technique used to quantify cells that are capable of secreting proteins, including cytokines, cytotoxic molecules, and antibodies, when stimulated with the appropriate antigen. Initially designed to monitor the frequency of circulating antigen-specific memory B-cells, it is now commonly used to measure the frequency of antigen-reactive T-cells by measuring the secretion of specific immune mediators at a single-cell level. It is a very powerful tool used as a clinical assay in the context of infectious and autoimmune diseases, allergies, organ transplantation, cancer research, and vaccine development.

KCAS Bio's ELISpot instrumentation

ELISpot technology is incredibly versatile, allowing for a wide range of applications. At Kcas Bio, with our deep expertise in the development and validation of ELISpot-based methods operating the ImmunoSpot® ELISpot reader, we can work with you to measure the ability of your vaccine candidate to trigger antigen-specific immune responses, spot “unwanted immunogenicity” for safety purposes in cell and gene therapy such as detecting immune responses to the adeno-associated virus (AAV) capsid, the encoded functional transgene product or the chimeric antigen receptor in CAR-based therapies, that may affect treatment outcome.

Whether you are working on vaccine development, cell therapies or gene therapies, KCAS Bio has you covered.

At KCAS Bio, we combine technical expertise and capabilities with state-of-the-art operational infrastructure so that we can scale and adapt quickly to the needs of your project.

'Quality by design' drives every aspect of our work. Our facilities, security and IT infrastructure ensure your samples remain protected at all times, while cultivating excellence and innovation among our scientists.

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