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Brain disorders – already common – are increasing in incidence worldwide based on factors like the epidemiologic transition from infectious to noncommunicable disease and aging of populations in most countries. The need for neurological drug development is rising, and KCAS is here when you are ready.

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Rapid advances in neurological treatments

Advances in the neurosciences have placed the field in the position where it is poised to significantly reduce the burden of nervous system disorders. However, drug discovery, development and translation for nervous system disorders still pose many unique challenges. KCAS Bio is here to help you meet the challenges of your neurological drug development project.

Neurological treatment research, by leading scientists

When clients come to KCAS Bio in need of development services they will often ask what matrices with which we have experience. Questions we are asked included “Do you have experience developing methods in difficult matrices?” “Do you have experience developing methods for the more complicated and unstable chemical modalities?” “Can you develop a high sensitivity assay?” At KCAS Bio, methods are developed with a fit-for-purpose design in mind, based on our Client’s needs. This can range from developing an assay in support of a proof-of-concept to a GLP-compliant investigation. We rely on highly sensitive technologies like the Simoa® or Lumipulse® technologies that allow for the detection, in the blood, of brain-related biomarkers present at very low concentrations and indicative of disease progression, relapse or therapeutic efficacy in neurological disorders such as Multiple sclerosis (MS) or Alzheimer’s Disease (AD).

We employ rigorous quality practices that go beyond our competition. Processes are continuously improved to ensure we consistently deliver a complete outsourcing experience to clients.

KCAS Bio provides high quality science and data services that have benefits for the entire drug development journey.

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We prepare and adapt our neurological research based on a deep understanding of your drug development ambitions and wider business objectives.

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