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KCAS Bio is a renowned assay development and specialty bioanalytical laboratory with expertise in inflammation. Our experts have supported hundreds of studies in multiple inflammatory pathologies. We're dedicated at KCAS Bio to both pioneering biomarker research and employing innovative techniques, alongside analyzing clinical samples for inflammatory-related biomarkers.

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Advances in inflammation & pain therapeutics

Inflammation is the primary response of the immune system against infection and foreign substances such as bacteria and viruses. When inflammation occurs, cytokines from the white blood cells are released into the blood or the affected tissues to protect and heal the body. KCAS Bio offers bioanalytical service for profiling of inflammatory markers on RNA, miRNA and protein level. We provide analysis support projects from large-scale biomarker discovery to low-plex and single-assay quantification. Highly sensitive technologies like the Simoa technology available at KCAS Bio was the first to allow for the detection, in blood, of inflammatory cytokines, present at very low concentrations and reflecting ongoing pathological processes. This has been game-changing in the field of chronic inflammation allowing for easy monitoring of disease progression or treatment interventions.

Inflammation & pain research, by leading scientists

Some of the most recent research done at KCAS has included the development of LC-MS/MS assays for eicosanoids that are metabolites of the arachidonic acid pathway. Among the most important of these are a variety of prostaglandins, leukotrienes, thromboxanes and HETE’s, to name a few. These markers are an important part of inflammation pathways and could have a role to indicate proof of pharmacology for pipeline therapies in many inflammatory diseases such as the cyclooxygenase (COX) and lipoxygenase (LO) and NSAID pathways.

We employ rigorous quality practices that go beyond our competition. Processes are continuously improved to ensure we consistently deliver a complete outsourcing experience to clients.

KCAS Bio provides high quality science and data services that have benefits for the entire drug development journey.

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