Immunophenotyping has undergone a seismic change in less than two decades as panel sizes have increased in complexity from <10 to >40 colors. Let’s explore how immunophenotyping is transforming the field and how FlowMetric, a KCAS company, is at the forefront of this exciting journey.

At the core of immunophenotyping lies the ability to create a comprehensive picture of the immune system. The term itself breaks down into two components: “immuno” relates to the immune system or white blood cells, and “phenotyping” refers to categorizing these cells. This categorization is crucial because the balance of different white blood cell types can provide valuable information about a person’s immune system status, response to diseases, and the impact of therapies. It’s currently a key avenue of investigation for therapies in conditions including oncology, autoimmune disorders, allergies, infections, and even neurodegenerative disorders.

Overcoming the challenges related to Immunophenotyping

When immunophenotyping with less than 10 colors, deep lineages become very difficult to investigate. Identifying T cells vs B cells was straightforward, but careful planning, multiple panels, and complex calculations were required for more in depth applications. Only recently have we had the capability to develop single panels able to quantify specific cell subsets like activated vs exhausted effect T cell subsets in the same panel as activated macrophages and memory B cells. That increased sophistication has led to a deeper understanding of immune system interactions and the specific effects of drugs on immune systems.

As an ideal case study, oncology indications use complex immunophenotyping as a critical enabling tool for the rapid proliferation of new therapies. Treatments have evolved from a broad and general approach to a targeted and precise strategy leveraging antibodies and CAR-T therapies. The rise of precision oncology has highlighted the importance of understanding the intricate details of each unique cancer case and its relationship with the immune system.

For researchers working with immune-interacting drugs, quantifying responses within specific patient groups and trial cohorts is essential. FlowMetric, a trailblazer in this field, offers a wealth of experience and technology to customize panels as well as pre-validated options. These tools empower researchers to gain insights into immune system dynamics, facilitating regulatory compliance, informing drug development, and making informed decisions.

FlowMetric’s Unique Advantage

What sets FlowMetric apart is its collaborative approach to project design and an arsenal of fully validated panels, a rarity in bioanalytical labs. These unique features enable researchers to immediately collaborate with experts and start their work quickly. FlowMetric’s history and expertise in flow cytometry underpin the success of these panels, allowing clients to maximize their research budget and accelerate their studies.

FlowMetric’s impressive capacity to process samples shines through in its ability to process samples even for high-volume phase III trials the day after collection. The lab’s ability to handle a high volume of samples and process them swiftly allows clients to get quicker results, an advantage that can be crucial in time-sensitive research.

Immunophenotyping is just one piece of the puzzle. FlowMetric offers a suite of services that complement and enhance immunophenotyping. From PBMC isolation and storage to cell sorting and proteomic analysis, FlowMetric provides a comprehensive ecosystem that empowers researchers to dive deeper into their studies and obtain more detailed insights.

Your Immunophenotyping Journey Starts Here

In a rapidly evolving field like immunophenotyping, having the right tools and expertise can make all the difference. FlowMetric’s immunophenotyping services are tailored to meet the diverse needs of researchers, from those seeking a better understanding of the immune system’s role to those aiming to unlock the potential of innovative therapies. Whether you’re at the preclinical stage or developing cutting-edge therapies, FlowMetric’s pre-validated panels, deep expertise, and comprehensive services are ready to accelerate your research.

Start a conversation with FlowMetric today to embark on your project. Uncover the potential of immunophenotyping and shape the future of oncology research. Your journey toward transformative insights begins now.

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