Meso Scale Discovery

At KCAS Bio, our highly trained scientific team utilizes Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) to analyze single or multiplexed analytes to femtogram detection levels to support non-clinical and clinical PK, PD/Biomarker, and immunogenicity testing.

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What is Meso Scale Discovery?

The MSD (Meso Scale Discovery) technology is a method similar to ELISA but it relies on electrochemiluminescence (ECL) as a detection technique. It combines high sensitivity, excellent reproducibility, and a wide dynamic range. With this technology, we combine rapid read times and the ability to perform multiple, simultaneous tests on a single sample without compromising assay performance. The technology allows for the profiling of diverse biomarkers, including cytokines, intracellular signalling proteins, as well as antibodies and other molecules, which can have a significant impact on the drug discovery process.

KCAS Bio's Meso Scale Discovery instrumentation

KCAS Bio was among the first bioanalytical labs to adopt the QuickPlex instrument and to qualify the complete V-PLEX offered by MSD. We always strive to optimize the use of commercially available assay kits, along with the extensive MSD assay portfolio, to perform a wide range of multiplex & custom assay configuration (U-plex), sensitive and ultra-sensitive assays (S-plex) as well as gold-standard platform for immunogenicity assays . In addition to helping our clients strategize which biomarkers to multiplex, the best platform to use, and the level of regulation required, we understand the challenges related to multi-plexing such as reagent procurement, endogenous levels, data tabulation, matrix interference, and bridging of reagents. We possess the necessary experience and expertise to overcome these challenges, to develop novel methods or to assist in optimizing existing methods to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines.

At KCAS Bio, 'quality by design' drives every aspect of our work. Our facilities, security and IT infrastructure ensure your samples remain protected at all times, while cultivating excellence and innovation among our scientists.

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