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KCAS Bio has extensive experience in developing, validating, and implementing immunological methods, as well as handling complex tissues. Our team of experts offers tailored services spanning biomarker quantification to comprehensive flow cytometry, ideal for advancing your drug development endeavors.

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Advances in allergy & immunology

Allergy and Immunology involves the management of disorders related to the immune system, this encompasses a range of conditions from primary immunodeficiency to allergic rhinitis and asthma. There are several unmet needs in this field, but recent advances in genetic and environmental risk factors, as well as new technologies such as "omics" have helped to better understand the pathogenesis of these disorders and led to identifying specific biomarkers and potential targets for developing new targeted and personalized therapies for immune system modulation.

Allergy & immunology research, by leading scientists

Developing a reliable immune assay requires significant scientific knowledge and optimization time investment. This also requires precise and consistent handling for repeatable results to reduce variations in assay performance and unreliable data. KCAS Bio has the experience and the expertise to offer you the tools you need for a successful program such as flow cytometry for the phenotypic and functional characterization of immune cell subsets, cytokine quantification for innate immune response assessment, IgE measurement for allergic response analysis or ELISpot for immunogenicity evaluation.

We employ rigorous quality practices that go beyond our competition. Processes are continuously improved to ensure we consistently deliver a complete outsourcing experience to clients.

KCAS Bio provides high quality science and data services that have benefits for the entire drug development journey.

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We prepare and adapt our allergy and immunology research services based on a deep understanding of your drug development ambitions and wider business objectives.

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