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From gene therapy to cell therapy or vaccine research, KCAS Bio will provide you with the best support for the development and validation of qPCR and ddPCR assays.

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What is qPCR and ddPCR?

Quantitative PCR (qPCR) is a well-established method for the detection of nucleic acids and the detection, quantification, and typing of different microbial agents. Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR) delivers precise and multiplexed PCR analysis for absolute quantification. In certain situations of low copy number, need for high precision for rare events or for absolute quantification, using ddPCR can offer unique benefits compared to traditional PCR methods.

Our molecular services apply to a wide range of applications such as biodistribution, viral vector shedding/quantification, DNA/RNA pharmacodynamic biomarker detection, copy number variation, rare sequence detection, and microRNA profiling. qPCR and ddPCR are being used more frequently to quantify genome copy numbers of AAV vectors - commonly used as methods to deliver gene therapies - in pre-clinical and clinical testing during product development due to ease of implementation, high sensitivity and accuracy, and high throughput.

KCAS Bio's qPCR and ddPCR instrumentation

Our KCAS Bio team has a long history of collective expertise in sample processing, nucleic acid isolation and qPCR and ddPCR analysis to support pre-clinical and clinical trials in a wide range of species and matrices. Our new, state-of-the-art facility spans 70,000 square feet (6500 square meters approximately) and features a unidirectional workflow. This includes two dedicated preamplification areas: area 1 for reagent preparation and storage, and area 2 for sample preparation and extraction. Additionally, we have a dedicated postamplification area (area 3) for amplification and manipulation.

Our experience and expertise in supporting cell and gene therapy studies and vaccine research, such as shedding assays, potency testing, and biodistribution analysis, is further enhanced by our optimization of pre-analytical procedures: we ensure efficient extraction and consider matrix-specific factors. Additionally, we actively contribute to international discussions on the regulatory requirements for PCR-based methods in these areas.

At KCAS Bio, we combine technical expertise and capabilities with state-of-the-art operational infrastructure so that we can scale and adapt quickly to the needs of your molecular project.

Our facilities, security and IT infrastructure ensure your samples remain protected at all times, while cultivating excellence and innovation among our scientists.

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