Liquid Chromatography LC- UV-Vis/Fluorescence)

KCAS Bio has significant experience in liquid chromatography and in using UV-Vis or Fluorescence detectors, depending on the appropriate method for your protein or small molecule.

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What is LC -UV-Vis/Fluorescence?

LC- UV-Vis/Fluorescence combines liquid chromatography for compound separation with UV-Vis and fluorescence techniques for compound detection and identification. UV-Vis quantifies absorbing compounds in the range, while fluorescence detects light emission during electron transitions. It's crucial in analyzing biological fluids, identifying proteins, peptides, metabolites, pharmaceuticals, and biomarkers due to its sensitivity and selectivity.

KCAS Bio's LC-UV/Fluorescence instrumentation

Depending on the intrinsic characteristics of each of your drug or analyte of interest as well as the desired sensitivity, we can help you choose the most suited separation technique and the most adapted detection method (UV-Vis and/or FL and/or MS). At KCAS Bio, our versatile technological park provides you with the right combination of the available technologies and therefore the optimal strategy for your drug quantitation and pharmacokinetic analysis. With our experience in the field, we can offer short method development and analysis times and a deep understanding of sample extraction and chromatography separation methods.

At KCAS Bio, we combine technical expertise and capabilities with state-of-the-art operational infrastructure so that we can scale and adapt quickly to the needs of your project.

'Quality by design' drives every aspect of our work. Our facilities, security and IT infrastructure ensure your samples remain protected at all times, while cultivating excellence and innovation among our scientists.

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