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Read article KCAS Bio and Crux Biolabs Announce Global Spectral Flow Cytometry Alliance

KCAS Bio continues to expand its global reach and has selected Crux Biolabs (Melbourne, Australia) as its partner in providing harmonized spectral flow cytometry across the US, Europe, and Australia. The alliance enables KCAS Bio and Crux Biolabs to support the global needs of clinical research by offering advanced spectral…

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Read article Successful opening of our new Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Test Facility

KCAS Bio SAS (Active Biomarkers SAS) based in Lyon France, a full-service bioanalytical and biomarkers solutions provider is very pleased and proud to share that it successfully opened a new Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Test Facility to provide GLP-grade bioanalytical methods in the context of preclinical studies. Since November 2023,…

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Read article KCAS Bio is at the Forefront of Establishing Best Practices for qPCR and ddPCR Technologies

Two of the scientific experts from KCAS Bio have been leaders in determining the direction of qPCR and ddPCR technology for the industry. Carrie Vyhlidal, PhD and Jonathan Mercier are both part of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists’ working group for PCR-based methodology, and they have recently…

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Read article The Full Potential of Flow Cytometry from KCAS Bio – Leading the Way in 2024

Flow cytometry is a highly sophisticated laboratory technique. Scientists use this procedure to analyze and quantify certain physical and chemical characteristics of cells or particles. In recent years, the prominence of flow cytometry has grown significantly, and understanding why is pivotal. The recognition of the technique’s importance, especially in the…

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Read article A Look Back and a Look Forward: KCAS is Prepared for the Next Ride in 2023

With 2022 firmly planted in our rearview mirror, and the planning for the new year essentially complete, we all look forward to a new year with cautious optimism as we wait to…

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Read article KCAS Invited to Lead Discussion on “Clinical and Translational Lipidomics” at Upcoming Gordon Research Conference

Dawn Dufield, PhD, Senior Director of Biopharmaceutical LC-MS/MS Services at KCAS, has been invited to lead a workshop discussion session on Lipidomics at an upcoming Gordon Research Conference from August 7-12 in Newry, ME. The event will be a week long conference highlighting recent developments in standardization, omics integration,…

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Read article Why Stimulate Cells for Flow Cytometry?

Many flow cytometry users are happy to start an experiment with a general protocol and a question about their specimen -- Will my cells make more cytokines or express more markers after activation? Will my cells respond to a novel immunotherapeutic drug candidate?