KCAS Bio continues to expand its global reach and has selected Crux Biolabs (Melbourne, Australia) as its partner in providing harmonized spectral flow cytometry across the US, Europe, and Australia. The alliance enables KCAS Bio and Crux Biolabs to support the global needs of clinical research by offering advanced spectral flow cytometry using the Cytek Aurora platform. Crux Biolabs is expected to be the first CRO in Australia to offer spectral flow cytometry accredited for clinical research. Together, the partnership is focused on being the global provider of choice for outsourced flow cytometry clinical research.

KANSAS CITY, Kan.–(May 03, 2024)–KCAS Bio continues to deliver against both growth objectives and more integrated customer service offerings. KCAS Bio has partnered with Crux Biolabs, a leading provider of flow cytometry and bioanalytical services located in Melbourne, Australia. KCAS Bio is a leading international Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing comprehensive GLP-compliant bioanalytical and biomarker development testing services for the biotech, pharmaceutical, and cell/gene therapy industries. KCAS Bio offers a complete range of bioanalytical services from early discovery support through registration, providing expertise in biological (large molecule), synthetic (small molecule), and cell/gene therapy drug candidates. KCAS Bio provides services from its three locations in Kansas City, KS; the greater Philadelphia, PA, region; and Lyon, France.

John Bucksath, CEO of KCAS Bio, commented, “We are delighted to partner with the Crux Biolabs team, working to accelerate our combined offering of global development support to the industries and customers we serve. We are committed to supporting the partnership beyond just flow cytometry and are actively engaging on next steps in the partnership. KCAS Bio has embarked on significant investments in spectral flow cytometry, including the placement of harmonized Cytek Aurora cytometers at Crux Biolabs. We remain committed to attracting the industry’s top scientific talent, focusing on outstanding customer service, and accelerating global reach through additional acquisitions and partnerships. With our investor, Vitruvian Partners, we are optimally positioned to invest in our people and deliver world-class services for our growing client base. The partnership with Crux Biolabs enables our combined clients access to expanded operational expertise and geographical reach, supporting the increasing R&D needs of the industries we serve.”

Stefan Cross, CEO of Crux Biolabs, commented, “We are excited about this partnership with KCAS Bio and our combined ability to provide best-in-class services for the biopharma and pharmaceutical industries. As a full-service bioanalytical CRO in Australia, Crux Biolabs is well-positioned to support sponsors and clients through the clinical trial journey – from pre-clinical through full clinical development. Australia is well known for its advantageous Phase 1 clinical trial capabilities and this alliance will allow clients to develop flow cytometry assays for use throughout the clinical trial lifecycle. Establishing common practices and using a harmonized Cytek Aurora platform for spectral flow cytometry with KCAS Bio will bring a unique and industry-leading offering to our current and emerging clients.”

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