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The team at KCAS has expertise in developing renal/kidney testing that results in quality data for our customers. In fact, KCAS has been called upon in the past to develop challenging assays for our clients who have had issues with the solubility of their compounds in the kidney. Our knowledge and experience allows these customers to continue developing their drugs with a full understanding of the role renal function plays in that development.

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Advances in renal treatments

A large number of drugs are eliminated to a clinically important degree by the kidney. For many drugs, this means that in patients with decreased renal function, doses need to be decreased to avoid exposure of the patient to excessive drug concentrations that may cause toxicity. In general, if 30% or more of a drug’s total clearance is dependent on the kidney, dose reduction should be considered in patients with decreased renal function. Thus, it is important early in drug development to quantify the renal contribution to overall drug elimination. KCAS knows how important Renal/kidney testing is to your drug development

Renal treatment research, by leading scientists

The kidney has a high turnover rate of cells, making it a really complex organ with a bunch of filtration, where drugs tend to be deposited inside of the tissue, but its difficult to take a tissue biopsy of the kidney. It can be done this way, but more often it is instead measured it as it goes through the urine because it is really hard to collect and measure the tissue of the organ itself. Because of this, studies related to renal tissues have been slightly understudied. KCAS has decades of experience in studies tissues from a number of matrices - including kidney.

We employ rigorous quality practices that go beyond our competition. Processes are continuously improved to ensure we consistently deliver a complete outsourcing experience to clients.

KCAS Bio provides high quality science and data services that have benefits for the entire drug development journey.

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We prepare and adapt our renal research based on a deep understanding of your drug development ambitions and wider business objectives.

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