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Be part of the process that accelerates getting life-changing drugs to market smoothly, safely, and sustainably.

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At KCAS Bio, we advance great people and great science

Demand for our expertise is growing and so is our need to bring in great people. Do you want to be part of improving health worldwide AND take those strides with a supportive team? Then join us at KCAS Bio where we are advancing both people and great science.

Our benefits & rewards

“We have been very proactive in building an environment for our teams to support their health needs. The investments made are advancing our ability to support our employees continued wellbeing while they are in turn investing their talents in supporting our clients to continue advancing cutting edge technologies for world health.” - John Bucksath, CEO of KCAS Bio

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Our company values


We are proud experts; passionate specialists; dedicated masters
of our industry. We provide a supportive environment of continuous
learning and training where you can do, and become, your best.


We work together; connected as one. A united team with the same
dream, desire and determination to make a difference and achieve
great things. We speak openly, listen respectfully, and voice our ideas
and opinions without hesitation.


We are here to help, support and serve one another. We honour
the individual and welcome all differences. Everyone is equal,
deserves to belong and feel valued. We have created a friendly,
caring and safe environment where people can grow and reach
their full potential.


We step up, take ownership, keep our promises and fulfil our
commitment to others. We have immense pride in the high quality
work and standards of service. We take full responsibility for our
decisions, our actions and our results.

Why a career at KCAS Bio?

At KCAS Bio, we have a culture that supports our employees and we heavily invest in programs and infrastructure that support them in being able to do their best work. In fact, our employees describe our environment as relational, purpose-driven, supportive, and innovative.

We work in nimble teams and value connection while achieving common goals together. We also have a lot of fun together, celebrating each other’s milestones, socializing at fun company events (Food trucks!  Puppies!  Arcade night!), and volunteering in our community.

What unites us are our shared values and the impact we each make on improving the world’s health.  We hear over and again that our people are proud and fulfilled by our purpose and values, and that they are truly making a difference in the world.

We help one another grow and progress through mentoring and development programs, empower career growth through a robust internal mobility program, and offer a holistic approach to benefits and wellness.

Our buildings near Kansas City, KS, Springhouse PA, and Lyon, France, are built-for-purpose, filled with state-of-the-art technology and instrumentation dedicated to advancing science.  We all have access to innovative and advanced thinking and resources.

New Grads and Early Career Scientists

Scientists who are just starting your career or are early in your career after college graduation enable KCAS Bio’s scientific processes. With direction, you will process and analyze samples, prepare laboratory solutions, perform and verify reagents, conduct sample inventory and review information and documentation for accuracy.

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Business jobs

People in Business & Lab Support roles enable KCAS Bio to run smoothly. You perform many essential services such as Accounting, Program Management, Business Development, Marketing, Human Resources, IT, Quality Assurance, Facility Management, Lab Technicians, TMM and Metrology.

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Scientist jobs

Experienced Scientists are the core of KCAS Bio. You carry out and supervise all aspects of our studies, from setup through reporting, as well as development. You are our problem solvers, scientific leaders and innovators.

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Employee testimonials

I’ve had opportunities to train many of the newer employees, which has led me to become a Technical Trainer, my current role, where I get to meet all the new employees and help them develop and grow in a company I enjoy working for, and I hope they enjoy working for this company too. I am so glad KCAS gave me that first chance when they hired me and all the opportunities since then!
EH – Technical Trainer and Principal Investigator
The opportunity to build a team from scratch is rare; so when presented with that, I jumped at it. In my role, I get the chance to function both on the science and the business side as well as mentor and develop my team. I really have appreciated that ay KCAS, we base our decisions on what is coming, on a forecast, vs a look backwards type of approach. This means that if we see a surge coming or new business being needed, we hire and acquire instrumentation to meet those new demands and do not have to wait for the following year to take action. KCAS has given me many opportunities to learn and grow and to be successful!
HG, PhD – Senior Director Pharma Discovery
KCAS is a thriving, growing company, willing to embrace change through process improvements. Support is always provided to be successful in our teams, either through hiring additional talent, developing new processes to improve efficiency, or purchasing much needed equipment to better handle the workload. Although KCAS continues to grow, an atmosphere of comradery remains. Over the past six months I have enjoyed developing many new professional relationships while working together with supporting teams with a common goal to deliver high quality data. I am confident there are exciting things in store!
LG – Senior Scientist
I’ve been at KCAS for 1 year, having come here for the opportunity to return back to large molecule. KCAS was also attractive due to all of its offerings in pharma, biopharma and discovery. For me, it was important to be a part of the change that KCAS is experiencing due to our rapid growth. I’ve also appreciated that in my role I am not siloed and I instead get to develop methods, conduct validations, and analyze samples which gives me better understanding of the drug development process and is great personal career development.
YT – Senior Scientist and Principal Investigator

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    Awards & Recognition

    We are proud that our culture has been recognized externally.

    • Champions of Business  Kansas City Business Journal – 2023
      Champions of Business. Kansas City Business Journal – 2023
    • Healthiest Employers  Kansas City Business Journal – 2022
      Healthiest Employers. Kansas City Business Journal – 2022
    • Top 25 Women Leaders in Biotechnology  The Healthcare Technology Report – 2022
      Top 25 Women Leaders in Biotechnology. The Healthcare Technology Report – 2022
    • KC’s Top 150 Private companies  Kansas City Business Journal – 2021
      KC’s Top 150 Private companies. Kansas City Business Journal – 2021
    • KC’s 100 Fastest-Growing Companies  Ingram’s Magazine – 2021
      KC’s 100 Fastest-Growing Companies. Ingram’s Magazine – 2021
    • Best Companies to Work for  Ingram’s Magazine – 2020
      Best Companies to Work for. Ingram’s Magazine – 2020

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