KCAS Bio, relying on this Luminex technology, provides you with a quick simultaneous measurement of up to 100 analytes, in a small sample volume, while overcoming multiplex-related challenges encountered along the way.

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What is Luminex?

Multiplexing bead array (Luminex) is a flow cytometry-based technique that allows for the simultaneous measurement of up to several dozen analytes, including cytokines, chemokines, and other markers, in a small sample volume. Luminex® Assays enable bead-based multianalyte profiling of up to 50 biomarkers from various fluid matrices (cell culture supernates, serum, plasma samples or other fluid matrices) using a multi-purpose diluent. With this technology, Kcas Bio can provide a cost-effective, highly flexible, and rapid assay for profiling multiple markers.

KCAS Bio's Luminex technology and instrumentation

As part of one of the largest technological parks, Luminex technology provides KCAS Bio with a high level of agility, ensuring adaptation to the specific requirements of your assay: we can choose the most suitable platform according to the matrix and the context-of-use of your biomarker, and the level of regulation required.

We understand the challenges that come with multiplexing, including reagent procurement, endogenous levels, data tabulation, and bridging of reagents. With our experience with a variety of matrices, we have optimized and validated several analyte assays (cytokines, chemokines and many other markers) enabling us to support a wide range of therapeutic areas, both non-clinical and clinical.

At KCAS Bio, we combine technical expertise and capabilities with state-of-the-art operational infrastructure so that we can scale and adapt quickly to the needs of your project.

'Quality by design' drives every aspect of our work. Our facilities, security and IT infrastructure ensure your samples remain protected at all times, while cultivating excellence and innovation among our scientists.

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