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We take a consultative approach to our discovery and bioanalytical services, giving our clients' confidence their needs are understood, their objectives will be met, and our promises kept. We consistently benchmark, evaluate and optimize our operations so we can help scientific innovators and investors.

Spectral Flow Cytometry on a Global Scale

KCAS Bio is the only bioanalytical laboratory with globally harmonized Cytek spectral flow cytometers, with sites in the US, EU and Australia.

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Global biomarker and bioanalytical CRO solutions

KCAS Bio is an established bioanalytical CRO with over 40 years' experience. We are very mindful of the human and financial impact of drug development delays. Through our unique approach to capacity planning, we prepare the right expertise with the right capacity and equipment so that we can keep development moving smoothly. Our clients consider us a reliable partner because we strive to minimize downtime, avoid delays, and keep lead times as short as possible.

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Progress and Challenges in the Fight Against ALS Blogs
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Charcot, Gehrig, Hawking: A Journey Through ALS When you hear the names Charcot, Gehrig, and Hawking, what comes to mind? These names are all linked by a shared thread: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or ALS. ALS, also known as Charcot disease, is named after Jean-Martin Charcot, a neurologist from the Pitié-Salpêtrière…

Neutralizing Antibody Assay Development: Cell-Based vs. Non-Cell-Based Assays Blogs
Read article Neutralizing Antibody Assay Development: Cell-Based vs. Non-Cell-Based Assays

Neutralizing antibodies (Nabs) are a subset of Anti-drug antibodies (ADAs) that play an important role in understanding the efficacy and safety of a drug product. While most drugs are associated with low risk and do not require a validated NAb assay prior to testing Phase 3 samples, drugs associated with…

Novel PK Bioanalytical Approach Using a 1.5 plex Hybrid LC-MS/MS Assay for Quantification of ADCs/ARCs Blogs
Read article Novel PK Bioanalytical Approach Using a 1.5 plex Hybrid LC-MS/MS Assay for Quantification of ADCs/ARCs

The age of therapeutic conjugation is upon us! Bioanalysis for support of next-generation Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) and Antibody siRNA Conjugates (ARCs) have exploded recently due to the efficacy and safety that these therapies offer for immuno-oncology, rare diseases, vaccines, and potentially many other diseases. Recently, we have seen the…

Advancing great people and great science

We make nurturing new talent a strategic priority, so that teams are dynamic and constantly improving. We provide a supportive environment for continuous learning and training where you can become your best.

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We consistently earn our clients’ trust based on our reputation for transparency, delivering error-free data and keeping our promises.

They developed and validated a pharmacokinetics small molecule method for support of my dog GLP toxicology study. KCAS work was high quality, on time, within budget, and they had great/open communication.
I want to thank you for yet another great job on a clinical project. From study’s initial contract, to PK kits, to validation and analyses, and ultimately, the final data, all was excellent as always. Happy to work with you all and I look forward to future studies.
I want to express my appreciation for the professional care and extra effort of the KCAS validation team. It is very evident that these team members truly care about their work and continuously strive towards excellence. I am very grateful to all of them for a thorough review of the document set before, during and after validation. My job of software validation specialist takes me to GLP labs around the world. So, I can say with confidence, that the work done at KCAS was exceptionally well-documented with appropriate detail so anyone could easily understand the steps taken to validate the software.

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