Spectral Flow Cytometry on a Global Scale

KCAS Bio is the only bioanalytical laboratory with globally harmonized Cytek spectral flow cytometers, with sites in the US, EU and Australia.

Globally harmonized network of spectral flow cytometers

KCAS Bio offers an expanding reach to sponsors who are looking for global support with spectral flow cytometry. Specifically, sponsors now have access to harmonized spectral flow cytometry across the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific. KCAS Bio has invested significantly into all sites, from both an instrumentation and procedural standpoint.

Bringing Crux Biolabs into the alliance enables KCAS Bio to further meet customer demand and accelerate harmonized processes to support advanced flow cytometry capabilities using Cytek Aurora flow cytometers.

The Alliance

  • KCAS Bio Spectral Flow Cytometry Instruments at all sites.
  • Organizational alignment from the bench to the C-Suite.
  • Single contract to govern all sites.


  • Single analytical plan and data transfer process.
  • Central project and scientific oversight with direct site access as needed.


  • Consistent GCLP compliance between all sites.
  • Central quality review of data and procedures.

Harmonization Process

Multiple levels of comparison to ensure multi-site alignment.

  • Factory Alignment
    Cytek Aurora instruments reduce the need to adjust voltages and instrument settings between projects. Comparison to predicate instruments across all channels for alignment.
  • Harmonized Set Up
    Performance qualification including 40-color and 15-color panels to ensure complete parameter mapping. In person training visits between sites ensure nothing is lost in translation.
  • Quality Oversight
    SOP, worksheet, reagent, and control material alignment through central planning group. Centralized analysis for robust and consistent quality control.

The KCAS Bio Advantage

Complete Provider

  • Collaborative environment to facilitate custom assay development
  • Fast turn-around time supporting aggressive timelines
  • A wide breadth of capabilities, from early discovery to clinical study support
  • Multidisciplinary team with expertise in:
  • Sample preparation
  • Custom Assay Development
  • Advanced data analysis


  • Proven expertise in providing sophisticated yet elegant solutions to support functional assay studies.

Since 2018:

  • Supported Pre-clinical programs through the development of more than 30 different assays
  • Supported >100 clinical-stage programs with immunophenotyping and cell sorting

Service and Quality

  • Milestone-based process for efficient & robust study execution
  • Quality management team with controlled environment
  • GLP compliant capability

Keeping you informed:

  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • recurring meetings with project scientist
  • summary minutes after every meeting

KCAS Bio has Chosen Crux Biolabs as it's APAC Partner

KCAS Bio has embarked on significant investments in spectral flow cytometry, including the placement of harmonized Cytek Aurora cytometers at Crux Biolabs. As a full-service bioanalytical CRO in Melbourne, Australia, Crux Biolabs is well-positioned to support sponsors and clients through the clinical trial journey – from pre-clinical through full clinical development. Australia is well known for its advantageous Phase 1 clinical trial capabilities and this alliance will allow clients to develop flow cytometry assays for use throughout the clinical trial lifecycle.

More about Crux Biolabs

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