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Calling all Business, Lab Support, and Corporate Staff. Are you in a business field but love to be surrounded by people who are improving health worldwide while furthering your own career options?

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Who we hire: Business and Lab Support roles

People in Business and Lab Support roles enable KCAS to run smoothly. You perform many essential services such as Accounting, Program Management, Business Development, Marketing, Human Resources, IT, Quality Assurance, Facility Management, Lab Technicians, TMM and Metrology.

KCAS Bio business and lab support employees benefit from a flexible schedule (many roles are also remote or hybrid) and a flexible career path.

Find out how else you will benefit with a career at KCAS Bio

Why KCAS Bio is the right place for a career in business and lab support

Direct access to company leaders

Share your thoughts, be challenged to come up with new ideas, develop your own leadership skills

A career path tailored to you

Instead of a one size fits all approach, we encourage those in business and lab support to try new roles and jump in on exciting projects to expand their skills

Rub shoulders with leading scientist

While you may not be wearing a white coat, you’ll share hallways, classrooms, and meetings with those that do and feel that you are part of making a difference to the world’s health

Be trusted as an expert in your field

You’ll be trusted to use your expertise and will be supported by a culture that encourages your growth

What is a CRO?

A contract research organization, or CRO, is a company that provides outsourced niche services for partner companies in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries, taking the lead for those partners in clinical trial management, complex medical testing to prove efficacy, and preparation of materials for approval filing. By providing these highly-specialized services, companies like KCAS allow our partners to focus on what they are best at while also lowering their overall expenses and helping to accelerate to market key life-saving medications and vaccinations. KCAS is proud to make a major impact on improving the world’s health through our highly specialized services in support of drug developments, preclinical and clinical studies.

Hear from some of our business and lab support team members

“I feel very comfortable and excited knowing that KCAS is helping so many people with different diseases and illnesses.”
Lab Support
“My immediate team is amazing at being helpful, supportive, and engaging. My immediate manager is very helpful, patient, and understanding. This company is excellent at providing flexibility to balance both work and personal life. The tools needed to continue learning and progressing are easily accessible. It is also a big benefit that the company is always supporting and facilitating mental health and wellbeing, and they are always encouraging team bonding.”
Corporate Support
“I experienced culture shock when I was first hired here, as it was the exact polar opposite of my previous place of employment. There were many aspects that I was not used to in regards to the care that the company has for their employees and how they make sure one of their key mottos is balance and that the well-being of their employees is important so they can continue to help the company grow and reach their goals. I've never experienced this level of care or flexibility and balance with my personal life.”
Corporate Support
This is a great place to work. I am utilizing my skill that I love to use. The atmosphere here around most employees is great. The overall leadership is amazing. This place is growing and that shows promise.
Corporate Support


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