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KCAS Bio has proven expertise across a range of disease and treatment areas. With over 40 years’ experience as a drug development CRO, we combine deep bioanalytical and biomarker experience with our reputation for consistency, transparency, and data integrity at every stage of your specific therapeutic focus area.

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Therapeutic specialisms

Allergy & immunology

We have extensive experience in developing, validating, and implementing immunological methods, including biomarker quantification and flow cytometry. Trust our team of experts to provide tailored solutions for your drug development needs.

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KCAS Bio provides reliable data to advance immune-oncology treatments. From discovery to Phase III trials, we have experience in flow cytometry, ELISPOTs, and cell-based assays, alongside multiple biomarkers.

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Infectious diseases

In a post-COVID-19 world, trust a CRO with proven experience in infectious disease and vaccine development. KCAS stands ready, equipped with diverse platforms and techniques for your project success.

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In a world witnessing a surge in brain disorders, our advanced neurosciences expertise is your ally from discovery to translation. Unlock the potential of neurological drug development with KCAS.

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With a focus on experimental therapeutics, we address a spectrum of conditions including Crohn's disease and inflammatory bowel disease. Trust KCAS for a comprehensive approach to advance your project in the evolving landscape of gastrointestinal disorders.

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From compound identification to efficacy studies, we specialize in preclinical ophthalmic research. Our experienced team ensures milestone data accuracy for crucial early-stage decisions. Trust KCAS Bio for the complexities of your ophthalmology study.

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Rare diseases

Our validated 20-plex assay for 20 amino acids supports metabolism and rare disease research. Developing drugs for rare diseases demands specialized expertise, especially in cell and gene therapy. KCAS Bio stands out with a proven history and experience.

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We monitor immune system status during and after infection, offering flow cytometric immunophenotyping, cytokine profiling, and retrospective studies. With expertise in whole blood, PBMCs, and respiratory samples, we specialize in diseases like COPD, lung cancer, and pneumonia.

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Trust KCAS for expert renal/kidney testing. We develop assays, even for challenging compounds, ensuring quality data for drug development. With extensive experience, we understand the crucial role renal function plays in drug elimination.

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With 40+ years in pre-clinical research, we provide deep expertise in cardiovascular biomarkers and large molecule drugs. From target identification to drug development, trust us for comprehensive bioanalytical support at every stage of your cardiovascular drug project.

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Discover comprehensive support for metabolic drug development with KCAS. With a deep understanding of metabolic and endocrine diseases, we provide expert bioanalytical services from discovery to biologic development.

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