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Read article Handling the Challenges of Tissues and Non-routine Matrices

A recent trend observed at KCAS is that the bioanalytical needs of our clients’ projects are becoming more complex.  There is increasing focus on monitoring delivery of therapeutics to the target of interest. This…

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Read article Is Hybrid LC-MS/MS Emerging as an Equal Partner to LBA for the Analysis of Biotherapeutics?

There has been an increasing focus on large molecule therapeutics and pharmaceutical companies have increasingly aligned their development pipelines in that direction. This has resulted in more biological therapeutics coming to market.  Last year,…

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Read article Combining the Benefits of LBA and LC-MS/MS for Pharmacodynamics at KCAS

Pharmacodynamics (PD) is defined as the study of the biochemical and physiological effects of drugs and the mechanisms of their actions. Where pharmacokinetics looks at how the organism processes the drug, pharmacodynamics studies how…

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Read article Large Molecule Therapeutics Challenges and Solutions (part 2)

To read part one of this 2-part series, click here. With increasing focus on large molecule therapeutics and interest in large molecule biomarkers it’s essential to have LC/MS available as a complimentary technology to ligand…

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Read article Drug Discovery: an Essential Part of the Drug Development Process

Drug discovery is an essential part of the drug development process. Testing in drug discovery is the mechanism to provide drug candidates that are selected for regulated animal studies and hopefully moving into clinical trials.

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Read article Practical Considerations for Implementing a 20-Analyte Biomarker LC-MS/MS Assay

Biomarkers can be defined and utilized for many purposes.  There are disease biomarkers as well as mechanistic or pharmacological biomarkers.  To reduce attrition and better understand a therapeutic, it is essential to be able to monitor the effectiveness of the therapeutic during drug development. Measurement of biomarker levels related to…

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Read article Questions to Consider About Your Biomarker Project

I have been studying Biological Markers (biomarkers) for over 25 years, but last 5 years they have exploded and become a key bioanalytical component to a drug’s success. Biomarkers are used to support drug…

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Read article Recognizing the Importance of Internal Standards and Workflows in Bioanalytical LC-MS/MS

The workflow for bioanalytical LC-MS/MS requires isolation of analytes of interest from biological samples prior to analysis. This usually involves an extraction procedure ahead of injection into the LC-MS/MS system where the target compounds…

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Read article Large Molecule Therapeutics Challenges and Solutions (part 1)

A recent trend in the pipelines of pharmaceutical companies & biotechs has been a shift to large molecule therapeutics. This presents a challenge for bioanalysis by LC/MS because the molecular weights of the target…

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Read article Successful Dose Formulation Analysis from KCAS

Dose Formulation Analysis is an essential step in regulated nonclinical studies to ensure correct doses are administered to underpin toxicokinetic assessments. Based on years of experience, KCAS has built a stand-alone team dedicated to…

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Read article An Introduction to KCAS and How We Help Our Clients

Thank you for your interest in learning about KCAS. Founded in 1979, KCAS has become one of the fastest growing Bioanalytical and Biomarker facilities within our industry. KCAS is a progressive growing contract research…

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Read article Trouble with your lab shutting down? You can still do it here.

The long-term economic consequences of the COVID-19 virus are yet to be determined. However, short term it is having major impact on research & drug development so companies are adapting in order to survive.