KCAS established our Clinical Sample Kitting team in the early 1990s in response to shortcomings we observed in the collection techniques in trials where we were providing bioanalytical support. As the group has evolved, our aim has been to provide the flexible, custom service that our clients have come to expect from all of KCAS’s services. We have a dedicated, responsive team who pay attention to the details of each and every project so our customers can be sure that things will be done right the first time and in the way the project was discussed.

Over the years, KCAS has helped with a number of different types of trials. We have worked with clients conducting women’s studies, studies for eye trials, specialty medical devices, and anything else required by our customers. We provide clinical sample kits for all phases of clinical trial, both for human and animal drug development. We prepare comprehensive sample collection manuals and compile kits with all necessary supplies for successful sample processing at the clinical sites. We work with our clients to identify specialty items that are needed for non-routine matrices and have built considerable expertise in this area, and we have had kits prepared and ready to ship within a week, given that supplies are available.

A Customized Approach to Your Clinical Sample Kitting Needs

Consistent with all of KCAS’ services we make customer service our main focus. The philosophy of the KCAS team is to engage all stakeholders as soon as possible to ensure everyone’s needs are met. Sometimes we have a client come to us with a completed and well-developed lab manual, and they know exactly what they want done with their kits from beginning to end, but more often than not, customers come to us knowing what they ultimately need to do with their kits and trials, but they need a bit of help establishing their endpoints and they require a customized approach to achieve success with their trials. In situations like those, KCAS is proud to serve as the bridge between the clinic and the bioanalytical laboratory.

One of defining differences in the way we have offered these services is our ability and willing to customize the kits as needed. We build kits to the client specifications – anything from blood collection supplies to specialty tubes and other specialty items. This includes materials needed for biopsies, tumor collection, solutions for eyedrops, syringes, and virtually anything else needed, depending on the matrixes being collected. We can build just about anything required – even if specialty items for projects that are needed – as long as our sponsors provide us the ID numbers, manufacture numbers, and supply numbers.

World-Class Storage, Shipment, and Delivery

KCAS is able to provide clinical supplies and kits for trials (phase I, II, and III) that are being conducted domestically, as well as internationally.

For domestic trials, shipping delivery methods and options have changed quite a bit over the years, but we have maintained relationships with multiple carriers to ensure prompt and secure delivery. Regardless of the needs of our customers, we have always taken pride in doing everything we can to accommodate their shipping requests. We have had clients requiring their samples to be shipped at minus 80 or even colder, meaning the entire shipment would need to be stored under nitrogen throughout delivery. Because of the relationships we’ve established, requests like these are never a problem for our customers.

For international shipments, we have spent years identifying good, safe and reliable couriers throughout the world. We have established partners and set up agreements in other countries that allow us to offer a level of reach and quality that is hard to find many of our competitors. Since so many customers want to have the option of conducting their trials anywhere in the world, we have done everything we can to offer sample storage and delivery around the globe.


With the completion of our new 70,000 square foot location, the addition of our new central lab allows us to more easily offer labeling for our customers as needed. We design these labels based on client request. We use a barcoded system and we can put up to about five lines of information on them. This can include items like the subject id, the protocol, the KCS number, a time point, etc. We work with the clients to establish the elements that are pertinent to their labels. We can even color-code the labels, according to sample. If we have multiple sample types that are being collected, these color-coded options make it much easier for our clients’ clinical sites to understand when they are collecting and when shipping.

Manuals and Kitting Instructions

We take sometimes complicated requests and turn them into easily managed kits with their own set of clear instructions, or even a full manual if that is required for use at their clinical sites. When developing these manuals, we try to view them through the lens of the clinical site’s eyes. We evaluate what is being shipped, how these materials are going to be used, and what packaging, description and set of instructions would make it easiest to receive, unpack, locate, and use at the site. We can attend even meetings to give instructions via PowerPoint on how to process and collect the samples if the client feels this will benefit the project.

As an example, with one of our most recent projects, we had a customer request that KCAS provide the reagents for their kit. In this case, the customer’s options were limited because of protocol outside their control, so they asked us if we could source it for them. While this is not requested often, it is something we were willing to do. Every project is treated with its own set of considerations based on need, and we do everything we can for every client, every time.

If you have need to develop your clinical sample kits and deliver them virtually anywhere around the world, KCAS will work with you to design the perfect kit, manual and delivery options available to meet your needs. We offer world-class quality with everything we do, and in addition to our stellar communication throughout the process, we’re actively also looking into a real-time portal to make the experience even better.

Please use the form below to contact KCAS today and see if we are the perfect fit for your clinical sample kitting needs.