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Previously she had been with Pfizer and legacy companies for over 20 years working in the quantitative LC-MS/MS field. She was one of the early pioneers of using immunoaffinity combined with LC-MS/MS to offer additional selectivity which is now commonly referred to as Hybrid LCMS. She has numerous publications and presentations in her field and recently contributed to a white paper on recommendations for validation of LCMS based bioanalytical methods for protein biotherapeutics.

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The age of therapeutic conjugation is upon us! Bioanalysis for support of next generation Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) and Antibody siRNA Conjugates (ARCs) have exploded recently due to the efficacy and safety that these therapies offer for immuno-oncology, rare diseases, vaccines and potentially many other diseases. Recently, we have seen…

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Read article Novel PK Bioanalytical Approach Using a 1.5 plex Hybrid LC-MS/MS Assay for Quantification of ADCs/ARCs

The age of therapeutic conjugation is upon us! Bioanalysis for support of next-generation Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) and Antibody siRNA Conjugates (ARCs) have exploded recently due to the efficacy and safety that these therapies offer for immuno-oncology, rare diseases, vaccines, and potentially many other diseases. Recently, we have seen the…

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Read article KCAS Bio Presents Poster on Automating Selection for ISRs at 18th Annual WRIB in San Antonio, TX

Those of you attending the 18th annual WRIB meeting in San Antonio, TX are invited to attend a poster presentation being given by members of the KCAS Bio team: Jack Rogers, Jessie Allen, Yoka Thomas, and Cheikh Kane. This project developed and characterized a novel algorithm for automated ISR selection…

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Read article Dawn Dufield with KCAS Bio to Present at the 18th Annual WRIB in San Antonio, TX

Dawn Dufield, PhD is the Scientific Officer for Mass Spectrometry and has been with KCAS Bio since 2018. Before joining KCAS Bio, she worked in the quantitative large and small molecule LC-MS/MS field for Pfizer for over 20 years. Dawn has been a pioneer in the Hybrid LCMS field and…

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Read article Video Series: LBA vs. Hybrid Mass Spec.

Dawn Dufield, Ph.D. and Dominic Warrino, Ph.D. discuss their approach to ligand binding assays (LBAs) and hybrid mass spectrometry (Hybrid LC-MS/MS) in this 11-part video series. What Makes a Good CRO for Bioanalysis? Are there any specific technologies that are more useful to have together? What is a Hybrid…

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Read article Hybrid LC-MS/MS – Frequently Asked Questions

Immunoaffinity LC-MS/MS or hybrid LC-MS/MS is an approach that has been gaining a lot of traction in the past several years.  The technique allows the quantitation of low-level analytes (proteins or peptides in many cases) in biological matrices with exquisite selectivity and sensitivity. Many pharmaceutical companies are trying to expand…

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Read article Harnessing the Potential of Hybrid Technology in Antibody Drug Conjugate Services

In the complex and dynamic bioanalytical landscape of antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) services, where often time is critical and every research dollar counts, hybrid technology is quickly emerging as a game-changer. Hybrid offers a spectrum of advantages that redefine traditional approaches to bioanalytical ADC drug development. At the forefront of these…

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Read article ADCs at the Forefront of J.P. Morgan Annual Conference in 2024

If you are part of the Biotech/Pharma community, you may be familiar with the (J.P. Morgan) JPM Healthcare Conference that takes place annually in January and typically in San Francisco. This was the 42nd Annual JPM Healthcare Conference and it is the world’s largest healthcare symposium. This year the mood…

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View webinar KCAS Bio Webinar “Navigating the Complex Landscape of Lipid Panels & Small Molecule Biomarkers in Drug Discovery”

Produced by AAPS Organized by Sciex Recorded on December 6, 2023 eChalkTalk available here.  Webinar Description: In this webinar, scientists from KCAS Bio, along with specialists from SCIEX Biopharma & Pharma Solutions discuss • Developing robust assays for PD biomarkers and their challenges…

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Read article Antibody Drug Conjugate Services from KCAS and What Hybrid Technology Contributes

Anyone who has been following KCAS for any amount of time has likely heard us discuss the advantages of Hybrid LC-MS/MS for the bioanalysis of large molecules. As pioneers in the technology for many years, KCAS has become a strong proponent of working with our customers to demonstrate the quality…

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Read article KCAS Invited to Lead Discussion on “Clinical and Translational Lipidomics” at Upcoming Gordon Research Conference

Dawn Dufield, PhD, Senior Director of Biopharmaceutical LC-MS/MS Services at KCAS, has been invited to lead a workshop discussion session on Lipidomics at an upcoming Gordon Research Conference from August 7-12 in Newry, ME. The event will be a week long conference highlighting recent developments in standardization, omics integration,…

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View webinar KCAS Webinar: “Is Hybrid LC-MS/MS becoming the new Gold Standard?”

Originally produced by Xtalks on Friday, April 22, 2022 | 12pm EDT (NA) / 5pm BST (UK) / 6pm CEST (EU-Central)  60 min Webinar Description: Due to the relative maturity of the technology, most people’s instinct when thinking about bioanalysis of large molecules is towards ligand binding assays.