Dawn Dufield, Ph.D. and Dominic Warrino, Ph.D. discuss their approach to ligand binding assays (LBAs) and hybrid mass spectrometry (Hybrid LC-MS/MS) in this 11-part video series.

What Makes a Good CRO for Bioanalysis?

Are there any specific technologies that are more useful to have together?

What is a Hybrid LC-MS/MS?

Is Hybrid LC-MS/MS emerging as an Equal Partner?

What are the Differences Between Time and Costs for Development?

Are the Sensitivities Similar?

How do You Know Which Approach is Best?

Do You Have Examples of When You Started with One Testing Platform and Switched to Another?

What are Some Scenarios Where More Than One Approach is Needed?

Do You Feel that Many Bioanalytical CROs are Quick to Cover All of These Technologies?

Dom & Dawn’s Opinion on the CRO Industry?

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