Dried Blood Spot (DBS) Analysis: New Frontiers for an Established Technique.
Author: Gene Ray, PhD – Director, Business Development and Technical Services

2011 White Paper on Recent Issues in Bioanalysis and Regulatory Findings from Audits and Inspections
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Recommendations on: Internal Standard Criteria, Stability, Incurred Sample Reanalysis and Recent 483s by the Global CRO Council for Bioanalysis
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Kansas City’s Regional Contract Research Organizations and Contract Service Providers
Study Conducted by Simon Management Group

Adaptation of Fit-for-purpose Biomarker Assay Validation using Commercial Kits: A CRO Perspective.
Author: Masood Khan, PhD –  Senior Director, Immunoanalytical Science & Technology, Ligand-binding Assay Services

Formation of a Global Contract Research Organization Council for Bioanalysis
Contributing Author: Darioush Dadgar, PhD, Former President and Scientific Officer
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