June 2018 KCAS Announces Hire of Director of Bioanalytical Discovery Research Services [press release]
February 2018 KCAS Announces Hire of Vice President of Business Development[press release]
February 2018 KCAS Bioanalytical and Biomarker Welcomes Executive Director…[press release]
December 2017 KCAS Becomes the First CRO to Qualify Meso Scale Discovery’s V-Plex…[press release]
October 2017 KCAS Announces Facility Improvements, Staff Growth, Systems [press release]
September 2017 Kansas City’s Top Animal Health Companies, #7 [article]
4 August 2017 KCAS Welcomes Frank Spriggs [press release]
28 April 2017 KCAS Bioanalytical and Biomarker Services Now Offers Ultra-Sensitive Validated Assay for Nicotine Studies [press release]
25 January 2017 KCAS Welcomes Buddy Worrell… [press release]
5 December 2016 KCAS partners with Beckman Coulter for WEBINAR…[press release]
16 November 2016 KCAS Bioanalytical & Biomarker Services Now Offers Qualified Flow Cytometry … [press release]
17 November 2016 KCAS Bioanalytical & Biomarker Services Now Offers Qualified MSD 30 Plex Assay [press release]
September 2016 Kansas City’s Top Animal Health Companies, #10 [article]
29 August 2016 Cryoport Partners with KCAS Bioanalytical and Biomarker Services and … [press release]
June 2016 KCAS is Named Best Companies to Work For by Ingram’s Magazine [article]
7 June 2016 KCAS Welcomes New CEO, John Bucksath [press release]
19 May 2016 KCAS Welcomes Dr. Abu Siddiqui [press release]
5 April 2016 KCAS Welcomes Dr. Joyce Slusser [press release]
7 October 2015 KCAS Bioanalytical Services First CRO to Validate Genalyte Maverick… [press release]
28 August 2015 Kansas City’s Top Animal Health Companies , #9 [article]
August 2015 Ingram’s, Corporate Report 100: Fastest Growing Companies, #24 [article]
26 June 2015 50 Fastest Growing Businesses in Kansas City #26 [article]
17 April 2015 Kansas City’s Top Area Life Sciences Companies, #14 
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23 November 2012
Keeping KC Relevant in Medical Research [article]
15 October 2012 nextIND Helps to Revolutionize the Drug Dev… [article]
04 June 2012
Study Finds Global CRO Industry Larger… [KBA press release]
June 2012 KCAS Becomes a Member of BioResearch Central
October 2011 KCAS Q4 2011 Newsletter
21 June 2011 Large Concentration of Contract Research… [KBA press release]
07 June 2011 KCAS Announces New CEO [press release]
February 2011 Ligand-Binding Assays: Development, Validation and… [book review]
09 Sept 2010 KCAS Expands Large Molecule Capabilities [press release]
11 May 2010 KCAS Announces ACOG Poster Presentation and… [press release]
29 April 2010 KCAS Strengthens Specialists Team [press release]
20 April 2010 KCAS Announces Rebranding and KansasBIO Sponsorship [press release]
10 Dec 2009 KVCI Acquires Bioanalytical Lab Business from… [press release]