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View webinar KCAS Webinar Archive: “Optimizing Your CRO Selection Process for Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery”

If you missed our webinar on April 22nd of 2020, you can check it out below! Often, when confronted with outsourcing and looking for laboratories for your discovery projects, turnaround times and cost are two very important factors. Quality and reliability of data generated are of course essential as well. How do you…

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Read article An Introduction to KCAS and How We Help Our Clients

Thank you for your interest in learning about KCAS. Founded in 1979, KCAS has become one of the fastest growing Bioanalytical and Biomarker facilities within our industry. KCAS is a progressive growing contract research…

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Read article Trouble with your lab shutting down? You can still do it here.

The long-term economic consequences of the COVID-19 virus are yet to be determined. However, short term it is having major impact on research & drug development so companies are adapting in order to survive.

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Read article Analysis of Unstable Small Molecule Therapeutics at KCAS

Pharmacokinetic modeling during the drug development process is essential for determining whether an administered drug substance has the necessary characteristics to meet its intended medical use. Typically for small molecules, this is based on…

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Read article Powder-to-Report: An Introduction to the Full Suite of Discovery Services at KCAS

There is a new and growing focus on drug development at KCAS. Our clients – both pharma and biotech research organizations – have depended on KCAS to provide bioanalytical services for over four decades.

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Read article The Advantage of Disease-Specific Custom Panel Biomarkers by LC-MS/MS at KCAS

Biomarkers are key drivers in the drug development process.  Frequently, developing a panel of biomarkers to test a particular mechanism or hypothesis is critical to the success of a drug.  At KCAS, we develop assays for custom panels or individual biomarkers based on client needs and can also assist with…

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Read article Dose Formulation Analysis: Accurate and On-Time

Dose Formulation Analysis is an essential step in regulated nonclinical studies. Robust analytical methods, rapid turnaround, and efficient communication helps ensure the dose form results for your GLP studies are delivered on time. At…

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Read article KCAS is a Solution-Based Company, Focused on the Delivery of high-Quality Scientific and Defendable Data

KCAS is a solution-based company. We are focused on the delivery of high quality scientific and defendable data, able to meet or exceed client’s timelines and expectations. One of the main reasons we are able to deliver on even the most challenging projects and programs, is the technical breadth and…

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Read article KCAS Q&A with John Perkins, PhD (Senior Scientific Expert, Small Molecule Development)

How will your background in science play a role in your new Senior Scientific Advisor position? I feel that my skill set has evolved consistently since my graduate degrees where I’ve learned different yet complimentary lessons about data presentation, data interpretation, marketing, customer partnering, optimizing operational processes, customer management and…

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Read article Navigating the Twists and Turns of the Discovery Drug Development Process

At KCAS, our Discovery group performs bioanalytical / biomarker method development that can include any of the various components required for a validated method under the GLP guidelines.  So why is Discovery group needed?  The beginning stage of drug development is a stage of trial and error.  It is generally…

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Read article Putting the Luminex to Work: Which of KCAS’ newest biomarkers is right for you?

Biomarker is a broad term and can mean so many different things depending upon the scientific discipline. For Bioanalytical biomarker analysis – and specifically for CROs equipped with 9 different platforms to measure biomarkers and a cell culture suite with up to 19 color flow cytometry all under one roof…

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Read article Limited Sample Sizes: Doing a Lot; Even with a Little

Have you ever wished you could tailor your project to your research needs instead of taking what you can get from a CRO?  Here at KCAS, our Discovery team prides itself on having the flexibility to meet client’s needs by designing the experiments with feedback from our sponsors. Our team of…