KCAS is positioned to assist in the monitoring of patients during and after the peak of infections are observed.  We have a wide array of platforms and techniques we can apply to your samples.


We can help in the current environment by monitoring the status of the immune system both during and after infection in order to understand the infection/recovery pathway, evaluate relapse factors versus true recovery, and the mechanism of cytokine response.  KCAS stands ready to perform flow cytometric immunophenotyping, cytokine profiling in vitro and in vivo, as well as retrospective studies. KCAS has experience with whole blood, fresh, frozen or fixed PBMCs, lymphoid tissue, respiratory samples, serum, and plasma.


KCAS is also currently in discussions to obtain and begin testing of anti-COVID-19 antibodies.  Widespread testing of these antibodies is essential to understand the breadth and scope of the pandemic.  Tracking the prevalence of antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 will allow researchers to better understand how a pandemic can spread in an ever (socially connected) world.  The assay will be able to determine how many people were exposed to the virus and combined with interviews of the subjects, determine approximately how many people were asymptomatic.  Understanding what makes a person asymptomatic vs. symptomatic vs hospitalized may aid in developing more comprehensive risk profiles and by extension, more effective strategies for combating the next coronavirus SARs (don’t limit it!) outbreak.


KCAS has multiple platforms for the evaluation of biomarkers, drug, or both and has undertaken development of assays including but not limited to: ELISA for serum antibody, immune phenotype changes to the TBNK cellular subset of peripheral blood, a qualified 54 plex for cytokine quantitation and is in the process of acquiring the necessary supplies to perform all the analyses needed to support your current or future studies involving COVID-19.  Look for additional updates on our website and from your local business development director.


KCAS Clinical Supply Kitting Team (CSK) is currently providing customized clinical kits supporting several clinical trials in Covid-19 positive patients.  One study will evaluate biomarker panels and flow cytometry, with an additional trial supporting PK and PD analysis of a drug in positive patients with mild to moderate symptoms.  The first trial kicked off in March and anticipates enrolling up to 60 patients.  The second is anticipated to start in the coming weeks taking place at 6 clinical sites within the US enrolling 60 plus patients.


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