Incurred Sample Reanalysis (ISR) has become a process check for a bioanalytical method’s performance and should be a routine step in the process of developing a new method. More importantly, having a low Incurred Sample Reanalysis (ISR) failure rate from your Contract Research Organization (CRO) is important for several reasons:

  1. It shows repeatability and robustness of the method
  2. It supports the quality of the individual and the quality of the CRO lab performing the work
  3. A low Incurred Sample Reanalysis failure rate supports the quality of the data generated for the study
In this webinar produced by Xtalks on April 22nd of 2019, the featured speakers from KCAS review the history of Incurred Sample Reanalysis and how Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been added to address new standards. They also discuss interesting case studies focused on low ISR failure rates. Watch the video below:

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