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Along with our all-new Podcast, “The Weekly Bioanalysis”, KCAS is proud to introduce a new weekly series of 2-minute videos featuring our Senior Scientific Advisors. We’re calling them “2-Minute Tuesdays”! These quick videos are an opportunity for all of you to meet the specialists at KCAS working on your projects and learn about the services we provide.


Below are the videos we released on our opening week, when we published TWO 2-Minute Tuesday videos – one from each of our Senior Scientific Advisors!


Below is the first “2-Minute Tuesdays” video from Dominic Warrino, PhD about Biomarkers.

Below is the first “2-Minute Tuesdays” video from John Perkins, PhD about Discovery Drug Services.

Our hope is that by bringing you these weekly short videos, you will become more familiar with KCAS’ services and our take on the world of Bioanalysis. We hope you enjoy the format, and we welcome any feedback you have…


We would love to hear from you about questions you have from our 2-Minute Tuesdays – or even feedback on how we could improve it!


Please use the form below to reach out to us.

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