KCAS’s kit preparation service can provide kits for sample collection for Pre-Clinical/Non-Clinical studies. Kits can include, pre-labeled vacutainer tubes, alcohol swabs, butterfly needles, or sterile syringes and pre-labeled storage cryovials for harvested plasma, serum or other samples. Return shipping containers and other supplies related to sample processing can also be provided. The facility is provided with a detailed Sample Collection Manual detailing the procedures to ensure integrity of the collected sample. KCAS not only provides kits: we establish an open line of communication to help the animal facility to comply with sample handling and processing requirements.

KCAS has been in the business of providing kits for over 20 years.  We ship  worldwide and can work with Toxicologists and the analytical laboratory to identify needs for the study.  We can provide pipettors and microcaps well suited to collecting the small volumes typical of  animal blood sampling.  We can also provide pre-aliquoted derivatization or other stabilizer reagents. By offering this type of service KCAS is flexible to meet Sponsor needs thus helping to facilitate smooth transitions at the laboratory.


Our timely turnaround for shipment of study kits is just one reason Clients choose us. KCAS’ ability to be flexible and think outside of the box puts us in a class of our own.  Accommodating the needs of the client is our first priority.











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