KCAS established our clinical sample kit (CSK) team in the early 1990s in response to shortcomings we observed in the collection techniques in trials where we were providing bioanalytical support. As the group has evolved, our aim has never been to be the biggest supplier in the industry but rather to provide the flexible, custom service that our clients have voiced a need for. We have a dedicated, responsive team who pay attention to the details of each and every project so our customers can be sure that things will be done right first time and discrepancies are quickly solved.

We provide clinical sample kits for all phases of clinical trial, both for human and animal drug development. We prepare comprehensive sample collection manuals and compile kits with all necessary supplies for successful sample processing at the clinical sites. We work with our clients to identify specialty items that are needed for non-routine matrices and have built considerable expertise in this area.

Consistent with all of KCAS’ services we make customer service our main focus. The philosophy of the CSK team is to engage all stakeholders as soon as possible to ensure that everyone’s needs are met. We build rapport with the customers and third-party providers whether they’re CROs managing the trial or clinical sites. The team is an integral contributor to investigators’ meetings and regularly included site visits for training before the pandemic. This is a valuable interaction that we will reintroduce when it’s feasible.

The success of the team means we have built solid relationships with third-party CROs which has been particularly important for global studies where communication through international subsidiaries is key.

The team works closely together and is structured so that all members know what is happening across all studies. They can readily cover for each other so there are no delays when individuals take personal time. Flexibility within the small team is allows us to provide quick turnarounds on studies. We can deliver site manuals within 2 to 3 days from receipt of a finalized protocol. Although we have a preferred template, we will routinely customize the format & content to meet specific client preferences.

We can have kits prepared and ready to ship within a week so long as supplies are available.  Current supply chain delays have impacted our ability to compile clinical kits where specialty tubes are needed but we consistently work closely with our suppliers to resolve those issues. If your study tubes need chemical additives, such as stabilizers, we can coordinate with our bioanalytical team to treat the tubes before shipping.

We are confident that our CSK team can provide an optimal client experience supporting full clinical programs or one-off specialist studies. If you’d like to hear more about our CSK capabilities, please contact KCAS.