Clinical Sample Kits at KCAS are more than just clinical supplies for the collection of PK samples within a clinical trial. KCAS can provide various types of supplies and instructions needed to guide clinical site personnel through the process of collecting various matrices/tissues as outlined within the protocol of the trial.  As part of the kits we also provide shipping supplies for return shipment of samples to our laboratory or to designated locations for long term storage.

KCAS has provided Clinical Sample Kits for over 25 years for various types of clinical trials that are carried out worldwide. Because of the different types of matrices that can be collected within a given trial, supplies can range from basic blood collection supplies such as tourniquets, 23g needles and vacutainers to specialized collection materials for scalp biopsies, sputum collection, or providing pre-aliquoted stabilizer or derivatization solution for handling labile analyte. KCAS uses only supplies manufactured and distributed by brand name companies such as Becton Dickinson, Thermo Fisher, VWR just to name a few. Over the past 25 years KCAS has designed and provided tens of thousands of kits.

Why Choose KCAS? Being in the Bioanalytical Industry for 40 years has allowed us to interact with Sponsors and clinical sites all over the world. We work closely with Sponsors to design kits to fit their needs whether they are for 1 site with 1 kit type or for 120 sites and multiple kit types. We can include everything that is needed to collect, process and ship samples from all around the world.











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