As with the lineup of equine subjects above, cell populations can take similar forms and act the same in a lot of ways – but to the trained eye, there are clear differences and ways of detecting the rare populations among the crowd.

Using the right equipment and expertise for your cell-sorting can help you find and isolate the rare populations that have an outsized impact for your molecular biology analysis.

Cell sorting plays a pivotal role in molecular biology applications, enabling researchers to isolate specific cell populations from complex mixtures. FlowMetric, a KCAS company, has been at the forefront of cell sorting services and has recently expanded its facilities and equipment to enhance its capabilities. We’ll delve into the importance of cell sorting, the evolution of the field, and why FlowMetric is the perfect partner for cell sorting in molecular biology applications.

The Evolution of Cell Sorting:

Cell sorting techniques have evolved significantly over time, driven by the growing need to analyze smaller cell populations and advancements in molecular biology. When FlowMetric began its cell sorting journey in 2011, very few contract research organizations were offering fluorescence-based sorting- sponsors were limited to highly density or magnetic bead-based enrichment. Today, a growing number of groups are offering a wider array of competing technologies. To stay on the cutting edge, FlowMetric has upgraded its equipment, ensuring it can offer sponsors the best technology available for their research needs.

Enhanced Capabilities at FlowMetric:

FlowMetric has significantly increased its cell sorting capacity and capabilities through recent updates. The introduction of the FACSymphony™S6 instrument has allowed for remarkable enhancements. Now, FlowMetric can perform up to 30-color panels and six-way sorts, enabling researchers to design more complex experiments and obtain granular information about the sorted cells. Moreover, the FACSymphony™S6 supports single-cell sorting, allowing placement of one cell per well in a 96 or 384 well plate. This facilitates downstream analysis and provides precise insights into each cell’s characteristics.

Applications and Importance of Cell Sorting:

Cell sorting plays a critical role in various molecular biology processes. For rare events or rare cell populations, cell sorting can significantly increase the prevalence of a target population so that the genetic signature can be detected above the noise from other cell types. FlowMetric’s fluorescence activated cell sorting (FACS) achieves exceptional levels of purity, up to 99.999% of the cell type of interest. This level of precision ensures reliable and accurate analysis for researchers working on cutting-edge therapies.

Expertise and Strategic Location:

One of FlowMetric’s defining factors is its unparalleled expertise. With hundreds of combined years of cell sorting experience, FlowMetric assigns the most skilled operators to handle the cell sorting machinery. Their expertise ensures reliable results and maximizes the likelihood for project success  throughout the entire process. Additionally, FlowMetric’s strategic geographic location in “Cellacon Valley” contributes to its appeal. Situated near renowned hospitals and vivariums where clinical and pre-clinical trials take place, FlowMetric has easy access to diverse sample sources. Moreover, their proximity to downstream providers and molecular biology partners within a two-hour drive allows for efficient sample processing and timely downstream analysis, offering sponsors a convenient one-stop-shop solution.

Cell sorting is a fundamental component of molecular biology research, empowering scientists to isolate and analyze specific cell populations with precision. FlowMetric’s commitment to staying at the forefront of cell sorting technology, coupled with its expertise and strategic location, makes them the perfect partner for researchers working on cell therapies and other molecular biology applications. With enhanced capabilities, including advanced sorting techniques and comprehensive endpoints, FlowMetric offers a potent package to researchers seeking reliable and efficient cell sorting services. By choosing FlowMetric, researchers can unlock the full potential of their molecular biology experiments and gain valuable insights into the cells they study.

Are you conducting research in molecular biology and in need of precise and efficient cell sorting services? Partner with FlowMetric, a leader in the field with state-of-the-art equipment, unmatched expertise, and strategic industry connections. Experience the enhanced capabilities of the FACSymphony™S6 instrument, allowing for advanced sorting techniques and comprehensive analysis. Together, let’s revolutionize molecular biology by combining with cutting-edge cell sorting techniques. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to unlock the full potential of your research. Contact FlowMetric today to elevate your research and gain valuable insights into your cell populations.

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