Fluorescence is used mainly for measuring compounds in solution, or in the case of flow cytometry, both on the cell surface & intracellularly. In fluorescence testing, both an excitation spectrum (the light that is absorbed by the sample) and/or an emission spectrum (the light emitted by the sample) can be measured.

At KCAS fluorescence testing is predominantly performed for biomarker and PD assays, including several of our biomarker and PD enzyme activity assays.

We have experience with numerous matrices and tissues in a wide variety of species. We can help with how to make standards and controls for these methods, specifically addressing around the need to use a surrogate matrix for  standards and QCs.

We have helped our clients by transferring and optimizing either legacy methods performed in-house by the sponsor or at an academic laboratory.  In addition to improving the robustness, we assist with regulatory requirements and help our clients decided if they need research grade, qualified, or fit for purpose validated methods.









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