For years, KCAS has considered incorporating a number of creative communication tools and solutions to engage with our clients and ensure information about our services are reaching the attention of those who need them. Among the discussions, the idea of a Podcast has come up often, but for one reason or another, we never got around to taking the steps needed to start.


Times have certainly changed quickly over the last few weeks. With the current orders of social distancing, working from home and quarantine we decided there was no time like the present to launch an official KCAS podcast. We call it “the Weekly Bioanalysis”.


This new medium will allow KCAS to reach out and communicate with all of you on a weekly basis about how things are going within the industry and convey our thoughts and opinions on news resulting from the changes COVID-19 is bringing.


Our hope is that by the time the world returns to “normal” (and we do believe it will some day soon) we will all have shared some time with one another via episodes of “the Weekly Bioanalysis”, and that you will continue looking forward to future episodes about our take on the world of Bioanalysis. We hope you enjoy the format, and welcome any feedback you have…


To view/listen to the inaugural episode of “the Weekly Bioanalysis” click below!



We would love to hear from you about questions you have from our podcast – or even feedback on how we could improve it!

Please use the form below to reach out to us.

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