Hybrid LCMS is a technique which combines an enrichment step (typically an antibody enrichment on beads or columns) with the selectivity and sensitivity provided by LC-MS/MS. Hybrid LC-MS is a complimentary technique to LBA utilized in cases where availability of adequate or optimal reagents are limited.  However, there are definite times when this technique has advantages over the traditional LBA, for example when you are translating between species that have different primary sequences.

KCAS has experience in immunoaffinity enrichment at the protein or peptide level using magnetic beads or on-line column based enrichments in an automated workflow.  This sample prep can be combined with nano or microflow chromatography on very sensitive mass spectrometers to reach the ultimate in selectivity and sensitivity.


We have a leading expert who was an early pioneer in the field of hybrid LCMS with over 20 years experience in developing hybrid LCMS assays for proteins and peptides for both biomarkers as well as biotherapeutics.  Our wealth of expertise in both LBA and Biopharma LCMS make KCAS a great partner to help clients pick the best technology to answer their questions.







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