There is a new and growing focus on drug development at KCAS. Our clients – both pharma and biotech research organizations – have depended on KCAS to provide bioanalytical services for over four decades. We call this new focus a “Powder-to-Report” approach.

KCAS is unleashing its dedicated Discovery group, whose mission is to remove bottlenecks and diminish wait times by providing its clients the results they need as rapidly as possible. A lead scientist is assigned to every project and is tasked with driving it through its entirety from start to finish. Send us your “powder”, and we will send you your “report”.

KCAS has invested heavily in leadership, scientists, equipment and operating processes over the last two years to develop a discovery services group ready for the next generation of drug development support. KCAS is focused on removing bottlenecks to improve operation and business performance. Gone are the days where poor planning, lack of staff training, and significant backlogs are just the norm. The Discovery group of tomorrow requires the skills and focus essential for handling demands from clients, without competing for equipment and staff.

KCAS has developed advanced forecasting systems to prepare for demand and manage capacity in a way that prevents your development program from ending up in queue for long periods of time.

KCAS has the ability to make decisions quickly because the forecasting system proactively alerts the need for additional instrumentation and staff. The key resources are secured, staff trained and in place before a long backlog or “bottleneck” could be allowed to be created. Otherwise, missing your development timeline can cause you frustration as you spend time negotiating the impact of delay vs. developing your product.

Simple, but critical, items: instrumentation are the same platform, every staff member is trained to utilize all of them, and the lead scientist assigned to a project operates the instrumentation without the need for waiting on operators, as may be the case in laboratories with siloed approach.

Discovery staff is trained and understands all steps in the powder to report roadmap. The scientist who performs sample preparation is the same person who develops the method, analyzes the samples, and who writes the report within minutes of data being available. This approach is possible because of the mentoring and coaching culture, and which KCAS is now ready to offer to our clients.

New senior leadership, with decades of proven track record of solving tough and difficult to develop assays, actively train staff to perform at a very high level.

The mentoring and coaching culture has proven the discovery team is ready and willing to put their skills to the test. In KCAS Discovery, there are no silos, there are no B-teams, and our clients’ projects get the best we have.

Since each project has a lead scientist, there are no competing priorities. Your projects will not take a back seat to any other project.

Send us your drug candidates, and we will take care of the rest. We will develop a project timeline, communicate it to you, and update you as frequently as you prefer, and we will deliver what we promise.

We can help you, whether your study fits a typical study, meant for a rapid screening PK, or an atypical study with a more involved study design.

Feel free to initiate a conversation with us, visit our facility, talk to our staff, see our instrumentation, and let us show you why we’ll be your next partner supporting your discovery projects.