In an exciting development, KCAS, through its subsidiary FlowMetric, is expanding its flow services in Europe. With a history of providing cutting-edge flow services in the EU, KCAS is taking a significant step forward by transitioning services from its Milan, Italy site to the Lyon, France site. This expansion promises numerous benefits for clients across the globe, offering expanded capacity, redundant instruments, harmonized systems, and seamless data reporting. Let’s dive into the details of this expansion and understand how it will revolutionize flow cytometry services in Europe.

Expanding Capacity and Expertise:

Our Milan site has been instrumental in delivering advanced flow services on a global scale for a considerable time. However, with the acquisition of both FlowMetric and Active Biomarkers by KCAS, the Lyon site in France has now become the hub for a more extensive flow cytometry operation. This expansion brings a doubling of the workforce dedicated to flow cytometry, ensuring swift and efficient processing of samples. Moreover, the addition of redundant instruments guarantees uninterrupted analysis, mitigating any potential risks to sample stability.

With the integration of Active Biomarkers into the KCAS family, clients gain access to a comprehensive suite of support services, strengthening KCAS’ position as a leading bioanalytical lab. This collaborative approach also extends to expertise, with access to an extensive library of flow panels and knowledge that both Active Biomarkers and FlowMetric have cultivated over the years. Clients can now expect unparalleled support for their flow projects, driving advancements in their research and clinical trials.

Competitive Landscape in Europe:

Flow cytometry is a fiercely competitive field globally, and Europe is no exception. As an increasing number of global trials incorporate flow cytometry to study the immune system’s interactions with various drugs, the demand for robust and standardized flow services has grown significantly. With Europe being a global expansion hotspot for cell therapy trials, KCAS’ enhanced capabilities in the region make it an ideal partner for clients seeking reliable, accurate, and flexible flow services.

The expansion of KCAS’ flow services in Europe not only benefit clients based in the EU but also serve global entities looking to conduct trials across continents. The harmonized systems, standard operating procedures, and training procedures in both locations ensure seamless transitions for clients scaling their projects globally. Whether it’s smaller biotechs seeking global scalability or large pharmaceutical companies requiring specialized tests, KCAS stands ready to cater to their needs and deliver exceptional flow services.

Navigating European Regulations and Overcoming Challenges:

Adhering to different regulations and guidelines is a crucial aspect of any expansion into new territories. KCAS recognizes the significance of European regulations and has experts in place to navigate the intricacies of EU requirements. From GDPR compliance to ISO certifications and reagent legality, KCAS ensures that every aspect is meticulously handled, providing clients with confidence in the regulatory compliance of their flow projects.

Moving services to a new location comes with potential challenges. KCAS is well-prepared to address these concerns proactively. The company emphasizes the importance of avoiding any bias in results during the transition and has devised a robust transfer plan. This plan includes matching equipment, identical personnel training, and a meticulous process to validate and bridge assay performance in both locations. Additionally, KCAS has carefully crafted logistics to avoid any interruptions in sample processing, ensuring a seamless experience for clients.

If you’re a clinical trial manager planning to expand to Europe or a large pharmaceutical company seeking a reliable CRO partner, KCAS’ expanded flow services are tailor-made for your needs. With the capacity, expertise, and harmonized processes in place, KCAS can provide unmatched support and deliver precise results for your flow projects. Reach out to KCAS today to start a conversation about how their cutting-edge flow services can elevate your research and trials to new heights.

KCAS’ expansion of flow services in Europe marks a significant milestone in the field of flow cytometry. With increased capacity, harmonized systems, and access to comprehensive expertise, KCAS is well-positioned to meet the demands of global clinical trials and support clients in their quest for scientific advancements. Embrace this opportunity and connect with KCAS to unlock the full potential of your flow projects, and together, let’s propel scientific discovery to greater heights.

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