KCAS is a progressive growing contract research organization with dedicated groups in pharmaceutical services to perform early stage discovery rapid method development and analysis, as well as, regulated preclinical and clinical phases, with support offered through NDA submission. We have an arsenal of top of the line instrumentation with a team of experts throughout the company – a company which has a long tenure of over 40 years in the industry. The unified training within the departments and cross-training between them allows KCAS to have a quick and nimble response to growing demands at any given time point, to meet your project and program needs.

We approach our services in the drug development pipeline with a sense of urgency by providing high quality results and reports that meets or exceeds client timelines and expectations. KCAS will not ask you to adapt to our business model, we adapt to yours – we adapt to fit your needs from study design to data reporting. We have a proven track record that includes successfully performing thousands of studies through the years. For typical drugs, this is demonstrated by completing method development in 5 days and completing the core validation within 10 business days, as opposed to several weeks to over a month. Study sample analysis can be completed within days of sample receipt. Our business model includes redundancies in instrumentation and personnel for reliability and flexibility with resource modeling for any given project or program. This allows us to take on additional work or even expedited work without impacting timelines for other scheduled studies.

KCAS prides itself in having great and effective communication. Program managers are put into place in case of complex and/or extended projects to enhance regular communication. In addition, we believe in transparency and being proactive. When issues arise, the scientists quickly respond in order to inform the Sponsor of the issue, while simultaneously providing them potential solutions or path forwards. KCAS believes in treating the Sponsor as our only client by meeting their needs and listening to them. We believe in producing a high-quality product for our sponsors, every time.

Placing highest priority on quality is of utmost importance to KCAS. Our Quality Control review is continuing to grow and improve within the department. We have a fully trained and dedicated department for quality assurance.

Repeat services are normal from our current Sponsors. In fact, Sponsors have even stated they want to put all of their bioanalytical work in our shop based upon all of the factors discussed – capacity availability (personnel and instrumentation), turnaround times, and great communication to prevent barriers, and a high quality product. KCAS is the reliable, flexible, quick and nimble choice for your program needs.