KCAS has engaged and recruited a world class Advisory Council to work closely with the KCAS leadership team. KCAS is committed to cultivating expertise and increasing capacity to support the industry’s needs for a mid-size functional service CRO with the proficiency to serve small and mid-size pharmaceutical and biotech organizations. “Engaging industry executives and experts to serve as mentors and advisors is an integral part of our tactical plan. The Council will advise and help shape the ongoing development of KCAS’ strategic initiatives,” said John Bucksath, KCAS’ CEO.


The council is comprised of five industry veterans with successful careers in pharma and the CRO industry with professional skill in quality, regulatory affairs, business development and technical expertise in Biologics, Small Molecule, Bioanalytical, and Biomarker development. “Having a group of such influential and talented individuals will be invaluable to the success and progress of KCAS. With this new venture we continue to position our organization as an outsourcing provider with the experience and knowledge to stand out in the CRO industry,” stated Brian Lueger, Board Member at KCAS.







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