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We have over 100,000 square feet of space across four amazing cities, dedicated to advancing science and to advancing the wellness and development of our people.


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I started at KCAS as an Analyst 1 in the Alkaline Hematin department in 2017. The lab manager at the time saw my résumé and wanted to give me a chance in this company. I am glad they did! So much has transpired since the day of my interview four years ago. I’ve been able to train in QC and as a PI (principal investigator), as well as in LBA (ligand-binding assay). That training led to a role as a Principal Investigator and I learned so much about the “behind the scenes” part of the analyses during this period. Since then I have had the opportunity to do tissue homogenization and processing, more plate-based assays, and ELISAs, as well as to learn more about cellular health and how cells react to environmental changes. I’ve also had opportunities to train many of the newer employees, which has led me to become a Technical Trainer, my current role, where I get to meet all the new employees and help them develop and grow in a company I enjoy working for, and I hope they enjoy working for this company too. I am so glad KCAS gave me that first chance when they hired me and all the opportunities since then!

EH – Technical Trainer and Principal Investigator

I came to KCAS to start a new group from scratch and utilize all my experience in both hard and soft skills I have acquired over the last three decades. These include bioanalytical chemistry, instrumentation, team building, to name a few categories. The opportunity to build a team from scratch is rare; so when presented with that, I jumped at it. In my role, I get the chance to function both on the science and the business side as well as mentor and develop my team. I’ve also been selected to be involved with integrating a new company we acquired, had the chance to interact with company advisory boards, and represented KCAS as part of the BioKansas industry Immersion Day. I really have appreciated that ay KCAS, we base our decisions on what is coming, on a forecast, vs a look backwards type of approach. This means that if we see a surge coming or new business being needed, we hire and acquire instrumentation to meet those new demands and do not have to wait for the following year to take action. KCAS has given me many opportunities to learn and grow and to be successful!

HG, PhD – Senior Director Pharma Discovery

KCAS is a thriving, growing company, willing to embrace change through process improvements. Support is always provided to be successful in our teams, either through hiring additional talent, developing new processes to improve efficiency, or purchasing much needed equipment to better handle the workload. Although KCAS continues to grow, an atmosphere of comradery remains. Over the past six months I have enjoyed developing many new professional relationships while working together with supporting teams with a common goal to deliver high quality data. I am confident there are exciting things in store!

LG – Senior Scientist

I’ve been at KCAS for 1 year, having come here for the opportunity to return back to large molecule. KCAS was also attractive due to all of its offerings in pharma, biopharma and discovery. For me, it was important to be a part of the change that KCAS is experiencing due to our rapid growth, and I enjoy working with clients to support their drug programs which in turn could improve the lives of many. I’ve also appreciated that in my role I am not siloed and I instead get to develop methods, conduct validations, and analyze samples which gives me better understanding of the drug development process and is great personal career development.

YT – Senior Scientist and Principal Investigator

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At KCAS, we are more than great science. We enjoy what we do and have fun together. Browse through some of our candid photos from employees to see what our environment is like!

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