When we start discussions with a new Customer, many ask, “How do we get started?” or “Great, thanks for the conversation. What do we do now?” For that very purpose, we developed this page to outline the steps of our process and the typical timelines.
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Discovery Phase

Establish opportunities for collaboration,  identify challenges, and evaluate compound

Sign a Confidential Disclosure Agreement

Share Study Specifics (drug structure, protocol, previous methods etc.)

Review by KCAS Operation Team Members

Technical Call

Budget Phase

Design a budget factoring in physical & chemical characteristics of your compound, timeline, method range and project size

Provide a Ballpark Estimate for Scope of Work

Verbal Agreement

Preparation of Work Order / Signed Estimate

Decision Phase

Discuss important facts within agreement, confirm it matches your expectations

Present & Review Agreement

Receive Signed Agreement

Fulfillment Phase

Complete scope of work, ensure timelines are met, communication lines are kept open and your expectations are exceeded

Kickoff / Technical Meeting

Completion of Project


Discovery Phase

1 - 5 Days

Budget Phase

5 - 10 Days

Decision Phase

1 - 10 Days

Fulfillment Phase

Time Varies

But we can start upon receipt of contract, materials & outline of schedule.

You, our client, are the driving force behind the timeline. We will do our best to match your sense of urgency and enthusiasm for your upcoming project.

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Area of Interest

Together, we provide reliable and defendable data, enabling our partners to improve health worldwide.

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