The Kansas City Business Journal has selected KCAS as one of its top Healthiest Employers in the metro Kansas City area.

Due to our investment in the holistic wellness of our team members, we are proud to have been named to this list.

Some of the benefits and resources provided to employees which earned this designation include:

  • Physical wellbeing: KCAS offers on-site healthy cooking demonstrations, on-site flu vaccinations, and on-site and online courses on living a healthy lifestyle.

  • Mental wellbeing: All employees at KCAS have access to counseling services when they are needed and KCAS often offers on-site and online classes such as on stress management. We also offer leave for both maternity and paternity, and this extends to adoptive parents.  In addition, for those who do not want all their given time off, they are able to exchange it for other benefits in a unique PTO Exchange program.

  • Financial wellbeing: Because healthiness extends to financial aspects, KCAS provides access to financial advisors for all of our employees as well as on-site and online courses on managing finances. In addition, every employee at KCAS is bonused with ownership units, not just leadership levels, giving all a stake in the performance and outcome of the company.

  • New Build-for-Purpose Lab: Our 70,000 square foot space in the KC metro area boasts a walking path, bicycles, ergonomic work stations, and lots of light, all contributing to healthy lifestyles.

“We have been very proactive in building an environment for our teams to support their health needs.  The investments made are advancing our ability to support our employees continued wellbeing while they are in turn investing their talents in supporting our clients to continue advancing cutting edge technologies for world  health,” commented John Bucksath, CEO of KCAS.

“We care deeply about the health and wellbeing of our team members and I am gratified to see the resources we have provided to them have caught the attention of our friends at the Kansas City Business Journal,” added Julie Deane, Chief People Officer of KCAS.

Learn more about the award here: Healthiest Employers Panel and Breakfast – Kansas City Business Journal (

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