Who We Hire: New Grads and Early Career Scientists

Scientists who are just starting your career or are early in your career after college graduation enable KCAS’s scientific processes. With direction, you will process and analyze samples, prepare laboratory solutions, perform and verify reagents, conduct sample inventory and review information and documentation for accuracy. Your work is key in its contribution to the success of our clients.

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Why KCAS is the right place for you?
  • Expand your skills in our KCAS University
  • Get mentored by experienced scientists
  • Volunteer to be part of KCAS culture through our Communities of Practice
  • Expand your career options, since we have Pharma and BioPharma under one roof (check with Dominic if this is still applicable at Scientific level)
  • Have the opportunity to advance rapidly in your skill development and career growth
  • We provide access to the latest technology in the industry
  • Be part of a company that is changing the world around us
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What it is like to work at KCAS?

  • Belong to an agile, skill-based team to quickly provide solutions for clients
  • Progress your skills and link with mentors in our internal KCAS University
  • Be empowered to have your feedback and ideas heard, impacting KCAS’s decisions and company direction
  • Connect with like-minded employees to further KCAS’s approach to Wellness, Safety, Diversity and Inclusion, Festivities and Community Outreach
  • Enjoy time with colleagues at company sponsored appreciation events like: food trucks, pizza parties, holiday celebrations, family days and spirit days
  • Engage as an owner with a unique stock ownership program at all employee levels
  • Invest in the community with paid time off to volunteer at non-profits that matter most to you
  • Benefits package includes 401(K) Match, Medical/Dental/Vision Plans, Paid Parental Leave, Paid Time Off, Tuition Reimbursement Program
What is a CRO?

A contract research organization, or CRO, is a company that provides outsourced niche services for partner companies in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries, taking the lead for those partners in clinical trial management, complex medical testing to prove efficacy, and preparation of materials for approval filing. By providing these highly-specialized services, companies like KCAS allow our partners to focus on what they are best at while also lowering their overall expenses and helping to accelerate to market key life-saving medications and vaccinations. KCAS is proud to make a major impact on improving the world’s health through our highly specialized services in support of drug developments, preclinical and clinical studies.

Picture Yourself at KCAS

At KCAS, we are more than great science. We enjoy what we do and have fun together. Browse through some of our candid photos from employees to see what our environment is like!

I have been with KCAS for almost 3 years, starting here after my college graduation. I started at KCAS as an Analyst I, and I progressed through the lab career path to Analyst II. Last year I was given the opportunity to join the Business Development department as an Associate Contracts Manager. Working with both the Business and Laboratory teams has provided me a unique insight into all that we do at KCAS. I am excited to be a part of such an outstanding company that is truly making an impact in the healthcare world!

CD - Associate Contracts Manager

I started at KCAS right after college graduation. It’s been a great opportunity to learn about the industry right out of school and I’ve gotten opportunities to learn all different areas of the pharma department in my first year including sample analysis, method validation and operating the lcms systems. KCAS provides a lot of opportunities for growth for new employees because of the rate the company is expanding but is still small enough that everyone knows each other.

MH - Analyst I

I have worked at KCAS for about 2 years, and in that time, I have accomplished many things with the help of my KCAS team. Originally, I came to KCAS directly out of college to gain experience and knowledge about the pharmaceutical industry by working in the laboratory. In the first couple months working in the Pharma Regulated department, it became obvious that we were rapidly growing and willing to look within the company to promote valuable employees. KCAS truly encompasses the idea that if you’re willing to learn and work hard, the sky is the limit for your career. I was hired as an Analyst I and by years’ end I had received my first promotion. Going into year three I am transferring to our business development department to gain a wider perspective of the pharmaceutical industry. To acquire more knowledge in the business aspect of the industry I am also beginning classes for my master’s in business administration (that KCAS is helping pay for!).

PF - Analyst II

The KCAS culture and work environment is incredibly accepting, working alongside my peers has enabled me to learn from many perspectives and diverse backgrounds. My coworkers are also always finding ways to make the workdays more enjoyable with things like group events, silly games, or simply a nice chat over morning coffee. So far, my favorite KCAS memory is of dancing with work friends at the Roaring 20’s themed company holiday party last year!

SA - Analyst II