The analysis of a class of lipids referred to as glycosphingolipids (GSL’s).  This class of lipids includes various fatty acid chain lengths of ceramides, glucosyl, galactosyl and lactosyl ceramides.  Additionally, sphingosines and glucosyl and galactosyl sphingosine also fit in to this category.

KCAS has developed a multiplexed panel of the GSL’s which can be run either non-regulated or regulated depending on your need.  The panels are customizable and can be run in several matrices and species including cell culture, mouse and human tissue (brain, liver, spleen) as well as CSF and plasma.  We are continuing to create a panel of assays which are highly relevant for the neuroscience field.  In addition to the GSL’s, these could include assays for gangliosides, hex4 and alpha synuclein.


KCAS has extensive expertise in the bioanalysis of GSLs and are adding additional assay panels frequently.  We can be your one-stop shop for all your bioanalytical needs in this area.












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