The extent to which a drug binds to plasma proteins can range from neglible to 99.9+% with compounds such as warfarin. Drugs with high protein binding fractions can have significant impact, if co-administered drugs can displace the analyte, resulting in significantly higher free fractions. Drugs that selectively bind to a minor plasma protein (i.e., alpha-glycoprotein) can see significant changes in disease states, such as cancer, where AGP levels dramatically increase shifting free (unbound) fraction.

We have validated numerous assays, supporting protein binding investigations, using both ultracentrifugation and equilibrium dialysis. KCAS can also correlated protein binding fraction relative to a specific plasma protein.


Having conducted numerous protein binding investigations, our scientists can provide direction in study design and compliant bioanalytical methods. A fairly recent example is our Helsinn Anamorelin PB poster.











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