Polymeric conjugates are polymer backbones used as delivery systems for drugs conjugated to them. Polymeric conjugates may also be fusions with  proteins or peptides fused with a polymer (such as PEG) used to extend half-life of the therapeutic moiety. Analysis of these types of compounds can be highly challenging due to the nature of the molecule and potential immunogenic reactivity.

Our scientists have experience working on both types of polymeric conjugates in both our pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical service lines. KCAS has developed a number of immunogenicity assays to detect antibodies to compounds not anticipated to have high immune reactivity. If the polymeric conjugate contains a radioactive isotope we have numerous licenses and can add others as needed.


We understand the challenges associated with ensuring assay specificity is evaluated and reported for both the therapeutic moiety and the polymeric backbone. We also have experience in development of anti-PEG antibody assays.










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