Multi-plex analysis of biomarkers is a powerful tool for screening of many analytes in a small volume of sample. Biomarkers serve as alternatives for assessing the functionality of therapeutics, mechanisms of action, predicting efficacy, monitoring toxicity, and stratification of patient populations.

We at KCAS offer several different platforms for multiplexing including, MSD, Luminex, and flow cytometry. Our experience with a variety of matrices, including plasma, serum, CSF, soft tissues, hard tissues, sputum, and vitreous and aqueous humor enable us to support a wide range of therapeutic areas both non-clinical and clinical.


Clients come to KCAS because we help strategize which biomarkers to multiplex, the best platform to use, and the level of regulation required. We also understand the challenges related to multi-plexing such as reagent procurement, endogenous levels, data tabulation, and bridging of reagents. Whether it’s screening of clinical samples using our qualified 54 plex, one of our 16 flow cytometry panels, or custom plexing we have got you covered.









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